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Compare Skid-Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders and All-Wheel Steer Loaders

Which loader is best for you? With the growing Bobcat® product choices, it is challenging to find the right loader for your needs. Begin by matching your needs with the strengths of each loader type.

Good Better Best
Rough terrain operation SSL AWS CTL
Rated operating capacity SSL CTL AWS
Low ground disturbance SSL CTL AWS
Tire/Track life cost CTL SSL AWS
Travel speed CTL SSL/AWS AWS/SSL
Breakout force SSL AWS CTL
Muddy conditions SSL AWS CTL
Pushing/grading force SSL AWS CTL
Purchase price CTL AWS SSL

Skid-Steer Loader

Best for all-around maneuverability, powerful performance and cost-effective work

S300 Skid-Steer Loader
  • Perform a wide range of tasks
  • Many machine sizes, operating capacities and lift heights
  • More standard features including automatic shutdown protection, deluxe cab and front auxiliary hydraulics
  • More attachments and options than any other manufacturer
  • Three types of machine control options

Compact Track Loader

Best for extended work seasons, higher pushing force, increased flotation and minimal ground disturbance

T300 Compact Track Loader
  • Low ground pressure
  • Smoother ride on rough ground
  • Increased digging and pushing power
  • Elevated sprocket design for minimal wear
  • Increased lift capacity to handle heavy loads
  • Unmatched rough terrain performance
  • Several undercarriage options

All-Wheel Steer Loader

Best for steering options, high maneuverability and low impact to existing surfaces

A300 All-Wheel Steer Loader
  • Dual steering modes (all-wheel steer and skid steer)
  • Reduced tire wear
  • Reduced surface disturbance
  • High maneuverability in either steering mode
  • Unsurpassed operator comfort
  • Low-effort joystick control