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Bobcat Advantage CTL
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Compact Track Loaders for Demanding Work

Bobcat® compact track loaders (CTL) are ready for your toughest jobsite conditions. Extend your season with increased flotation, top digging and pushing power, and undercarriage options. Receive optimum comfort and productivity with the M-Series compact track loaders and other high-production models.

Low Ground Pressure

Leave a lighter footprint on your jobsite. Bobcat compact track loaders minimize ground disturbance through reduced ground pressure and improved flotation. Because the tracks distribute the machine’s weight across a larger area, you’ll make fewer repairs to lawns, yards and other existing surfaces. Lower your costs, save time and avoid driving across plywood to reduce ground disturbance.

Increased Digging and Pushing Power

Compact track loaders have increased weight and more ground-to-surface contact, giving you better power and performance in difficult soil conditions. Push heavier loads in rough terrain, sandy surfaces and muddy conditions. Direct-drive motors, solid-mounted undercarriage and excellent machine weight-to-horsepower balance improve the tractive effort.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch Bobcat compact track loaders outperform others in head-to-head performance tests.

Extend Your Work Season

Work through long periods of wet, muddy weather. With your Bobcat compact track loader, you’ll crawl through the mud, float across sand and reduce the chances of getting stuck. Some owners extend their working season by several days – even weeks – with the improved productivity of Bobcat compact track loaders.

Smoother Ride

The C-pattern rubber tracks produce a smoother ride over ruts, potholes and other rough terrain. The optional Roller Suspension™ system – with few moving parts and all-steel components – increases comfort and machine performance without sacrificing durability. See the Roller Suspension system in action.

Bobcat Advantage Video

What makes the Roller Suspension system the best choice for a smoother ride? Watch this video for a head-to-head comparison.

Two Undercarriage Options

Equip your compact track loader with the undercarriage that matches your jobs, comfort and terrain:

  • Solid-Mount Undercarriage: Work in soft, muddy conditions and keep the undercarriage cleaner in muddy conditions. The system prevents material from clogging the rollers, while additional cleanout holes allow access for pressure washers.

  • Roller Suspension System™: All-steel components increase operator comfort without sacrificing durability. The rollers are suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs (with a mono-leaf design for further stability on select models) to reduce vibration and deliver a smoother ride.

To determine which is best for you, compare undercarriage options.

Proven Bobcat Loader Benefits

More than 50 years of experience and innovation are built into every Bobcat compact loader:

  • Quicker cycle times with the properly-matched control valve, cylinder sizes and pump
  • More control over your loader’s drive, engine torque and tractive effort
  • Better breakout force with more usable power to continuously respond to loads
  • Hydraulic bucket positioning to spill less and keep the bucket level throughout the lift cycle