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Bobcat Advantage CTL
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Compact Track Loaders That Work Longer

Bobcat® compact track loaders (CTL) extend your work day – and your work season. Several features minimize maintenance, provide longer track life, extend engine life and keep you on the job longer.

Durable, Low-Maintenance Rollers

Better roller components provide durable performance. The rollers and idlers are permanently sealed and lubricated for no routine maintenance.

Forged rollers guide and support the center track area. The triple-flange design minimizes de-tracking. More durable than rubber-coated components, the rollers extend track life and provide a comfortable ride.

Single flange steel idlers guide and support the track around the undercarriage ends. De-tracking is minimized since the idlers are more tolerant of debris. The front idlers, which absorb shock loads, are part of a simple system that helps maintain track tension.

Easiest Track Maintenance

The undercarriage design minimizes wear and ongoing maintenance. Adjust the track tension by opening an access cover and adding grease to the tensioning cylinder with a common grease gun. The elevated sprocket design sheds mud and debris as you work, reducing wear on sprockets and tracks. The fully-enclosed undercarriage has few moving parts and is more tolerant of debris.

C-Pattern Rubber Track

The exclusive C-pattern track is custom-made for Bobcat. It provides excellent flotation and traction combined with the longest-possible service life.

Internal steel cables (similar to steel belted radial tires) provide a strong base. For added durability, steel imbeds guide and support the center of the track when it engages the drive sprocket. The special rubber compound is molded around the cables and imbeds to produce a strong, continuous rubber track that reduces fatigue and cracking. Off-set lugs provide a smoother ride.

SmartFAN Cooling

The cooling fan is a major source of cab noise. The quieter Bobcat SmartFAN spins as fast as needed to reduce noise levels by as much as 30%. It offers better cooling in extreme environments, uses less power and makes it easier to communicate with people outside the machine.

Dual Path Cooling System

Dual path cooling is more efficient for the engine and more comfortable for operators. As the system brings in cooler, cleaner air from above the machine, it pulls hot air from the engine area. The exhaust air leaves through two side vents, keeping hot air away from the operator. Unlike single-path designs, dual path cooling keeps dust and debris away from the engine compartment.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see a demonstration of the Bobcat cooling system and its more effective air flow.

Superior Lift Arm Design

In tight areas, Bobcat compact track loaders help you avoid damage to the machine and surroundings. The lift arms remain within the back of the machine. For fewer potential snag points, hoses are routed through the loader arms and frame uprights.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch these videos to see why Bobcat offers more lift arm choices and better design.

Vertical and Radius Lift Path Options

Bobcat compact track loaders have two lift path options for your jobsite needs. Compare vertical and radius lift path options.

Shutdown Symbol

Machine Shutdown Protection

Standard on Bobcat compact track loaders, the machine shutdown protection system monitors engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and other important functions. If the system detects that a function has fallen outside of normal outside range, the operator will receive an audible alert and warning message. The system will even shut down the machine if the issue is severe.

Self Diagnostics

The on-board diagnostics offer important information on 14 machine functions. The system simplifies troubleshooting, prevents many serious issues and provides downloadable machine performance history.

Deluxe Instrumentation and Theft Protection

With the optional Deluxe Instrumentation, your machine has helpful features and additional theft-prevention options:

  • Keyless start security system: Add theft protection and eliminate the hassles of lost keys. Up to eight customizable security codes lock the panel and start the machine.
  • Multi-language capabilities: Translates warnings and messages to Spanish, English, French and other languages.
  • Function lockouts: Prevent inappropriate use and damage by locking out machine functions. To protect your machine and attachments, you may choose to lock out high flow hydraulics so the function isnít activated with non-high flow attachments.
  • Other features: Gain convenience with the digital clock, hour meter, help menus for attachment controls, and multiple password options.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

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