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Roller Suspension

Why Roller Suspension System?

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Why Roller Suspension System?

Unmatched Strength and Durability
Bobcat Company is proud to introduce the first suspension system for compact track loaders that uses an all-steel design with steel imbed tracks for increased durability. See it in action. The Roller Suspension™ system delivers a smooth ride and is very robust in the demanding environments faced by compact track loaders. More Strength

Roller Suspension System Video

Unmatched Strength and Durability
Increased Comfort
Increased Comfort
You'll experience a new level of comfort when operating a compact track loader with the Roller Suspension system. The comfortable ride is achieved by the durable steel leaf springs which greatly reduce the feedback from the ground. The smooth ride coupled with easier turning, less vibration and noise, work to keep you more comfortable throughout the day. More Comfort
Ease of Maintenance
The Roller Suspension system features an enclosed steel undercarriage with very few moving parts, minimizing maintenance costs. Forged steel rollers and idlers are permanently sealed and lubricated, requiring no routine maintenance. Track tensioning is also very easy, requiring no special tools – just a normal grease gun. More Maintenance
Easy Maintenance
Increased Performance
Travel across jobsites faster. Easily drive over small bumps, over hills and curbs or load onto a trailer while the machine hugs the ground and smoothly transitions across its fulcrum. The Roller Suspension system absorbs normal feedback so you're less apt to spill material from the bucket. You can also accurately cut grade because it reduces “grade bounce” with springs that have a stop to limit the stroke of the suspension. The more weight you add, the more it compresses until the suspension rests on the stops. This keeps the bucket edge at a constant elevation relative to the machine, maintaining ground contact for a consistent, accurate grade. Heavy steel springs add weight and act as a counterweight for pushing and grading. More Performance
Increased Performance

Its Strength is in its Simplicity

  • No rubber or plastic = No chunking, cracking or rapid wearing
  • No exposed hydraulic hoses = No leaking or tearing of hose
  • No moving pivots or tensioning rods that require greasing or maintenance or service
  • No special track tensioning tools required
  • Minimal moving parts
  • A protected enclosure that sheds debris and mud for fast and easy clean out