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Increased Comfort

Experience a new level of comfort when operating a Bobcat compact track loader. The Roller Suspension™ system's smooth ride coupled with easier turning, less vibration and noise will all lead to all-day comfort, so you can stay in the seat longer and get more work done.

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Better Roller Suspension Means a Smoother Ride

The Bobcat Roller Suspension system delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride with an innovative new track system that allows the track to conform to the ground surface. When you travel over rocks, lumber, small curbs or across hard surfaces found on a typical job site, the bumps are absorbed by 3/4 of an inch of free travel of each suspended roller. This means that the adjacent rollers can travel independent of each other. This durable new suspension system cushions these bumps, delivering a much smoother ride.

Reduced Vibrations

The new Bobcat Roller Suspension system reduces vibration at the source - the ground. The vibrations caused by the track interacting with the ground are absorbed by the flexing of the high strength steel leaf springs in the all-steel undercarriage. Instead of the vibrations being sent through the whole machine, the Roller Suspension system absorbs the majority of vibrations through the system at the rollers.

Easier Lever Effort

Bobcat compact track loaders equipped with the Roller Suspension system and standard controls will require much less steering lever effort. The track's idlers are raised, so a majority of the time, the weight of the loader is traveling on the rollers, making the machine easier to turn. This means you will not have to stroke the levers as far or push them as hard to make the machine turn.