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Increased Durability

Longer Lasting Roller Suspension Components = Increased Durability

The heavy-duty Roller Suspension™ system is more durable because of the longer lasting undercarriage components that make up the system. Bobcat compact track loaders feature the toughest rollers and idlers in the industry. Bobcat track loaders achieve a smooth ride on forged steel rollers and high strength steel leaf springs without using weaker plastic or rubber. Steel imbed tracks last longer in the toughest application, while delivering more power to the ground. This means you can go through harsher conditions, be in the field longer and greatly reduce your undercarriage repair costs. Watch Video

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Steel Leaf Springs

The new Roller Suspension system provides a smooth ride by suspending the rollers on durable steel leaf springs. These maintenance free springs are impervious to extreme heat and cold and can easily withstand demanding conditions. The shot peened steel springs work better in abrasive material such as small rock and sand. Better yet, the Bobcat suspension system does not have rubber or bushings that could wear out.

Forged Steel Rollers

Bobcat compact track loaders feature the toughest rollers in the industry and achieve a smooth ride on forged steel rollers without using weaker plastic or rubber in these main components.

What are the benefits of using forged steel rollers?

  • Forged steel doesn't "chunk out" when it wears, like rubber can
  • Forged steel is much more durable and able to hold up to hard objects like pea rock
  • Triple flange design is superior for minimizing de-tracking. Bobcat track loaders can operate on approved slopes and rocky conditions with minimal adverse effects of de-tracking
  • Steel rollers feature polished shafts for increased service life and loading
  • Bobcat steel rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated with synthetic oil, requiring no routine maintenance
  • Forged steel rollers offer and improved ride and improved overall track life

Forged Steel Idlers

Single flange steel idlers guide and support the track around the ends of the undercarriage.

  • Front idlers absorb shock loads and are part of a simple system which helps maintain track tension
  • They are more tolerant of debris than dual flanged idlers so de-tracking is minimized
  • The forged steel is much more durable than rubber because it will not wear as easily or chunk out
  • They are permanently sealed and lubricated and require no routine maintenance

Steel Imbed Tracks

Our tracks are tougher out of necessity of keeping downtime to a minimum. Custom made for Bobcat compact track loaders and designed and built for the longest service life possible, these durable rubber tracks feature four main components that make them better than simple Kevlar-coated rubber tracks or other steel tracks.

  • Bobcat tracks utilize internal steel cables, similar to steel belted radial tires, which provide a strong base. Unlike 100% rubber tracks, these cables do not stretch, so they minimize track tensioning allowing you to stay on the job longer
  • Steel imbeds guide and support the center of the track when engaging the forged steel drive sprocket. This adds durability and greatly increases the amount of torque the track can withstand from the drive sprocket. When the tracks can withstand more torque, it means you are able to increase the pushing force of the machine
  • Special rubber compound is molded around the cables and imbeds to produce a strong, continuous rubber track, reducing fatigue and cracking
  • The offset C-pattern track design provides the best combination of both floatation and traction

Better Wear and Protection of Components

Unlike other compact track loader suspension systems, Bobcat drive motors and hydraulic hoses are solid-mounted. This allows us to better protect our hoses from being snagged, as well as protect them from the vibrations and rubbing during operation.

Bobcat drive motor hoses are hidden on purpose so they're not exposed to normal debris, such as mud and sticks that are kicked up during operation. Better protection of these hoses means more uptime for you.