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Roller Suspension
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Ease of Maintenance

The new Roller Suspension™ system on Bobcat compact track loaders is easier to maintain than other systems. It's fully enclosed to better protect the components, and is designed to shed debris and provide easier cleanout.

Easy Maintenance

Faster Cleanout

The new Roller Suspension system features several innovations that save time during cleanout and maintenance. The space around each sprocket was increased so it's easier to get a power washer or a shovel around it. The Roller Suspension system has a cleanout hole around the steel drive sprocket that allows you to push debris through and out the other side.

More space was added between the inside of the track and the top protective steel case. Again, this allows you to push debris through and allows more debris to fall out without packing and allows more room for a shovel or pressure washer.

Shed Debris Better

The new Roller Suspension system's undercarriage was redesigned to offer better shedding of mud and debris than other compact track loader systems. Surfaces are now sloped so more debris will fall off the undercarriage during operation. A 50% decrease in flat surfaces greatly reduces the surface area that can collect debris. Since Bobcat's Roller Suspension system greatly reduces debris build up, you will save time during cleanup and maintenance -- and be back in the field faster.

Track Tensioning

Easiest Track Tensioning

Track tensioning is the easiest in the industry, with no special track tensioning tools required. Simply adjust by opening the access cover and add grease to the tensioning cylinder with a common grease gun. There are no tensioning rods that require periodic greasing or service.

Better Parts Availability

The main components in the Roller Suspension system are all common parts on our current compact track loaders. It uses the same rollers, idlers, drivers and tracks as Bobcat fixed undercarriages. Sharing components with the most popular track design in the industry makes it easier for you to order parts and offers better parts availability.