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Roller Suspension
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Increased Performance


Be More Productive

Because the new Bobcat Roller Suspension™ system allows you to travel over objects easier, you can get more accomplished in a day. You can travel across a jobsite quicker. Where you had to slow down for small bumps before, you can now productively drive over them with more ease than before. Watch Video

Limited Stroke

Accurate Grading

The Bobcat Roller Suspension system still allows you to cut grade very accurately. The steel springs have a limited stroke to minimize the “grade bounce” often associated with suspended undercarriage track systems. This helps an attachment maintain ground contact for more consistent and accurate grades.

When operating on rough grade, the tracks gain more ground contact as the rollers cause the track to hug the contour of the ground.

The heavy steel springs also add weight to the compact track loader. This extra weight can be beneficial when pushing and grading because the springs act as a counterweight.

Smoother Break-Over

Compact track loaders with the Roller Suspension system can go over the tops of hills, over curbs and load onto a trailer easier, because the machine hugs the crest to smoothly transition the machine across its fulcrum.

Reduced Spillage

Since the Roller Suspension system absorbs normal feedback, you are less apt to spill material from the bucket. The Roller Suspension system will make you more efficient as you can complete your job quicker, have a cleaner worksite and fewer cleanups when the job is done.