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Roller Suspension

Why Roller Suspension System?

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More Compact Track Loader Undercarriage Options

Equip your Bobcat® compact track loader (CTL) with the undercarriage option that best matches your jobs and preferences.

Standard Solid-Mount Undercarriage

Standard Solid-Mount Undercarriage

The solid-mounted standard undercarriage provides the traction to work in mud, sand, manure, dirt and other soft conditions. The design stabilizes the loader and work group, making it ideal for grading. Bobcat compact track loaders also prevent more debris from clogging the rollers in muddy conditions. Its easier to maintain the undercarriage with clean-out holes that allow pressure-washer access. Angled top plates and additional drive sprocket clearance add durability and simplify maintenance.

Select models include lower dual-flange front idlers and wider rollers for smoother ride quality. Other enhancements on certain machines include an improved design to better shed material, plus increased rear room and cutouts between each roller for even easier track carriage cleanout. Increased ground clearance and fuel capacity allow operators to work longer in more challenging conditions.

Roller Suspension Option

The Roller Suspension™ system utilizes all-steel components to increase operator comfort without sacrificing durability. The rollers are suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs to reduce vibration and improve operator comfort, with select models featuring mono-leaf springs and lower front idlers for an even smoother ride. The forged-steel rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated, with no greasing or adjusting like other undercarriage options.

The Roller Suspension system offers several advantages:

  • Made with an all-steel design and steel imbed tracks to provide strength and reduce repair costs
  • Drive motor and hydraulic lines are kept in fixed positions to minimize snagged hoses and lessen wear from vibrations and rubbing
  • Drive motor housing is hidden to help limit the exposure to certain debris
  • No greasing or adjusting of suspension parts is required

See the Roller Suspension system in action.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

What makes the Roller Suspension system the best choice for a smoother ride? Watch this video for a head-to-head comparison.