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Compare Bobcat Loader Specifications

The chart below allows you to compare all Bobcat Loader models by the most commonly compared loader specifications. Simply select the spec you want to compare by clicking the spec type at the top of the chart. To view complete specifications for a specific loader model, click the model name on the comparison chart to go to that model page.

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Compact Track Loaders, All-Wheel Steer Loaders, Mini Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders Comparison

4100.0 Pounds
3690.0 Pounds
3280.0 Pounds
2870.0 Pounds
2460.0 Pounds
2050.0 Pounds
1640.0 Pounds
1230.0 Pounds
820.0 Pounds
410.0 Pounds
520.0 image MT52
550.0 image MT55
700.0 image S70
1300.0 image S450 T4
1650.0 image S510 T4
1750.0 image S550 T4
1850.0 image S530 T4
1950.0 image S570 T4
2100.0 image S590 T4
2180.0 image S630 T4
2690.0 image S650 T4
3200.0 image S750
3350.0 image S770
3950.0 image S850
1400.0 image T450 T4
1995.0 image T550 T4
2100.0 image T590 T4
2230.0 image T630 T4
2570.0 image T650 T4
3325.0 image T750
3475.0 image T770
3525.0 image T870
3325.0 image A770