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Customize Your Loader Cab

Customize the comfort of your Bobcat® loader with premium options. The new M-Series models are even more operator-friendly.

Bobcat loaders provide:

  • All-around visibility with better sight lines to the wheels/tracks for better performance in tight areas
  • More head, waist, leg and elbow room for less confinement and reduced fatigue
  • Rear-pivot seat bar that accommodates larger operators and services as a secondary restraint and arm rest
  • Dome light, power port and other cab features
  • Suspension seat (standard on certain models)

Climate-Controlled Cabs

Optional cab enclosures are available with heat or heat/air conditioning. The high-visibility front door has a wiper and washer. The cab enclosure also features top, rear and side windows that seal the cab for efficient use of heater or the air conditioning options.

The M-Series loaders set new standards for cab comfort with an even larger cab opening, lower door threshold, better visibility and premium features. The best-in-class pressurized cab features a one-piece pressure seal engaging the entire door on the front and sides, compressing the seal into a specialized curved door pocket that keeps out dust and debris. See the M-Series comfort features.

Enclosed Cab, Heat and Air Conditioning

Enclosed Cab with Heat & AC

The optional cab enclosure with heater provides relief from cool mornings and endless winters. For ultimate in comfort and protection, choose a cab enclosure with heater and air conditioning.

The cab enclosure system is custom-designed by Bobcat engineers specifically for your loader, then installed in our factory for a clean look. It's the best system for keeping you comfortable, clean, and at the right temperature.

  • Fully-Integrated Air Conditioning: There's no external air conditioning unit to get damaged or obstruct visibility. No cab space is sacrificed, so you keep all your elbow room.
  • 360-Degree Vents: Blow air where you want it thanks to special vents and duct work. Direct heated or cooled air to your face, torso, and feet – and to the windows and front door for defrosting.
  • Curved Front Door: We curved the front door outward to create more space in the cab while providing a clear sight path to the work area.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

Bobcat compared its pressurized cab with other brands. You might be surprised to see the results.

Deluxe Instrumentation

Closely monitor and interact with the machine, and add another level of security for theft prevention. Benefits include:

  • Keyless Start Security System: Start the machine with a security code instead of a key. Only your pre-set security code allows the machine to start. Enter up to eight customizable security codes and end the hassles associated with lost or forgotten keys.
  • Multi-Language Feature: Monitor vital machine functions and warnings in your choice of seven languages including Spanish, English and French.
  • Function Lockouts: Lock out certain machine functions to prevent misuse or damage. For example, you may choose to lock out high-flow hydraulics so your operators do not accidentally activate this function with a non-high flow attachment.
  • Other Features: Digital time clock, resettable hour meter, attachment controls help menu, and multiple password settings.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see the best instrumentation panel you can buy.

Heavy-Duty Radios

Mini Weatherproof Radio

The audio electronics offered by Bobcat are built to withstand the challenges faced in off-road and heavy-duty environments. Unlike other electronics, they're designed and rigorously tested to withstand harsh working conditions such as vibration, humidity, electrostatic discharge, and temperature fluctuations. Contact your local Bobcat dealer to learn more about the heavy-duty radios, mounting systems, speakers, antennas and accessories available for your equipment. Review our most popular features and compatible carriers.