Performance Features

Undercarriage Options

Equip your Bobcat® compact track loader (CTL) with the undercarriage option that best matches your jobs and preferences.

Bobcat compact track loader with standard undercarriage.

Standard Solid-Mounted Undercarriage

The solid-mounted standard undercarriage provides the traction to work in mud, sand, manure, dirt and other soft conditions. The design stabilizes the loader and work group, making it ideal for grading. It’s easier to maintain the undercarriage with clean-out holes that allow pressure-washer access. Angled top plates and additional drive sprocket clearance add durability and simplify maintenance.

Roller Suspension

The Roller Suspension™ system is available as an option on most models. As the industry’s first all-steel suspension system, it provides a new level of comfort without sacrificing durability.

  • Steel leaf springs provide more comfort without utilizing flimsy plastic or rubber components, minimizing maintenance costs
  • Operate your loader in more conditions – even sand and pea rock
  • Experience a new level of comfort with reduced vibration and noise

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Bobcat compact track loader with Roller Suspension system.
Bobcat compact track loader with standard undercarriage.

Solid-Mounted Strength

Regardless of whether you choose standard undercarriage or the Roller Suspension system, Bobcat compact track loaders feature a fully enclosed, solid-mounted steel undercarriage that protects components, such as hoses and drive motors, from damage. Its design minimizes moving parts, reduces required maintenance and stabilizes both the loader and work group – making it the best type of undercarriage for grading.

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Bobcat compact track loader with wide track option

Track Options

A variety of tread patterns accommodate your various applications. Wide tracks are a good choice when lower ground pressure and flotation are desired. For increased ground pressure, added traction and pushing force, choose a narrow track (available in C, H and Block patterns). The Turf Pattern is designed for turf and landscaping applications where reduced ground pressure is desired.

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Bobcat compact track loader with narrow track option