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Loaders / Performance Features

Overall Loader Performance

When it comes to performance, Bobcat® skid steer loaders and compact track loaders are in a class by themselves. Experience powerful breakout forces and improve your cycle times for superior performance every day.

Stronger Hydraulics

The Bobcat engine, pump, horsepower and cubic-inch displacement are configured precisely for each model’s specific operating capacity. With a powerful standard flow, Bobcat loaders are ready for demanding tasks. An optional high flow system delivers maximum attachment performance. Engine horsepower and hydraulic system performance are finely tuned to run circles around other machines.

Powerful Breakout Forces

High-efficiency hydraulic pumps deliver more power matched to demand and providing better breakout forces.

Faster Cycle Times

Hydraulic pumps in Bobcat loaders are matched to cylinder size and loader lift capacity to provide fast cycle times that help you get the job done faster.

More Torque

Bobcat loaders reach maximum torque at a lower RPM to minimize stalling and save time and fuel.

Control in Your Hands

With Bobcat loaders, you can feel and control the loader’s drive, engine torque and tractive effort – so you can push your machine to the limit without an engine anti-stall system robbing you of power when you need it the most.

Hydraulic Bucket Positioning

Optional hydraulic bucket positioning keeps your bucket level when raising lift arms, reducing spillage and allowing you to work more efficiently.