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The Roller Suspension™ system from Bobcat offers an appealing undercarriage combination: it delivers a smoother ride without sacrificing durability.

Because the Bobcat Roller Suspension system allows you to travel over objects easier, you can accomplish more in a day.

And the system’s smooth ride, less vibration and reduced noise lead to all-day comfort, so you can stay in the seat longer and get more work done.

Feature Details

Forged Steel Rollers

Forged steel rollers on Bobcat Roller Suspension System.

The tough, forged steel rollers achieve a smooth ride without using weaker plastic or rubber. The benefits include:

  • Forged steel doesn't "chunk out" when it wears, like rubber can.
  • Forged steel is much more durable and able to hold up to hard objects like pea rock.
  • Steel rollers feature polished shafts for increased service life and loading.
  • Bobcat steel rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated with synthetic oil, requiring no routine maintenance.
  • Forged steel rollers offer an improved ride and improved overall track life.

Steel Leaf Springs

The Roller Suspension system provides a smooth ride by suspending the rollers on durable, maintenance-free steel leaf springs. They’re impervious to extreme heat and cold and can easily withstand demanding conditions. The shot-peened steel springs work better in abrasive material such as small rock and sand. Better yet, the Bobcat® suspension system has no rubber or bushings that could wear out.

Performance Details

Reduced Spillage

Since the Roller Suspension system absorbs normal feedback, you are less apt to spill material from the bucket. The system will make you more efficient as you can complete your job quicker with a cleaner worksite.

Smoother Break-Over

Compact track loaders with the Roller Suspension system can go over the tops of hills, over curbs and load onto a trailer easier, because the machine hugs the crest to smoothly transition the machine across its fulcrum.

Accurate Grading

The system still allows you to cut grade very accurately. The steel springs have a limited stroke to minimize the “grade bounce” often associated with suspended undercarriage track systems. This helps an attachment maintain ground contact for more consistent and accurate grades.

When operating on rough grade, the tracks gain more ground contact as the rollers cause the track to hug the contour of the ground.

The heavy steel springs also add weight to the compact track loader. This extra weight can be beneficial when pushing and grading because the springs act as a counterweight.

Shed Debris Better

The redesigned undercarriage offers better shedding of mud and debris than other systems. Surfaces are now sloped so more debris will fall off the undercarriage during operation. A 50 percent decrease in flat surfaces greatly reduces the surface area that can collect debris. Since the system greatly reduces debris buildup, you will save time during cleanup and maintenance -- and be back in the field faster.

Comfort Details

A Smoother Ride

The smoother, more comfortable ride is made possible with an innovative track system that conforms to the ground surface. When you travel over rocks, lumber, small curbs or across hard surfaces found on a typical job site, the free travel (3/4 in.) of each suspended roller absorbs the bumps. This means that the adjacent rollers can travel independent of each other. This durable new suspension system cushions these bumps, delivering a much smoother ride.

Reduced Vibrations

The system reduces vibration at the source: the ground. When the tracks interact with the ground, the flexing of the high-strength steel leaf springs absorbs vibrations. Instead of sending vibrations through the whole machine, the Roller Suspension system absorbs the vibrations at the rollers.

Serviceability Details

Increased Durability

The heavy-duty Roller Suspension™ system features durable, longer-lasting undercarriage components. Work in harsher conditions, be in the field longer and greatly reduce your undercarriage repair costs.

Faster Cleanout

The system features several innovations that save time during cleanout and maintenance. The space around each sprocket was increased so it's easier to get a power washer or a shovel around it. The cleanout hole around the steel drive sprocket allows you to push debris through and out the other side. In addition, more space was added between the inside of the track and the top of the undercarriage.

Easiest Track Tensioning

Track tensioning is the easiest in the industry, with no special track tensioning tools required to increase track tension. Simply adjust by opening the access cover and add grease to the tensioning cylinder with a common grease gun. There are no tensioning rods that require periodic greasing or service.

Better Parts Availability

The main components are all common parts on our current compact track loaders. It uses the same rollers, idlers, sprokets and tracks as Bobcat solid mount undercarriages. Sharing components with the industry’s most popular track design makes it easier for you to order and receive parts.

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