Performance Features

Tier 4 Engine

Chart 1 outlines the Bobcat machines that will eventually receive a Bobcat Engine. The implementation timeframe spans from November 2013 – 2015*. Chart 1 also lists emission technologies, besides the Bobcat Engine, that will be used in Bobcat machines for Tier 4 compliance. Each solution is managed by the machine's electronic control unit (ECU), meaning operators likely won’t even notice these technologies. The operator experience is minimally affected, which is another benefit of this Tier 4-compliant solution.


Engine combustion pressure is the reason Bobcat Engines can create more torque than prior engines used in Bobcat equipment. Combustion pressure plays an important role as it affects engine torque, noise, fuel efficiency and long-term performance.

Bobcat Engines create more torque because they are specially designed to handle more combustion pressure than prior engine designs. Inside an engine, combustion is basically an explosion that creates pressure. The bigger the explosion, the greater the pressure. As a result, more torque is created. While the concept seems simple, an engine has to be specifically designed to accomplish this benefit.

  • Access routine maintenance points through the large, swing-open tailgate.
  • Gain one-sided serviceability thanks to the transversely-mounted engine and exclusive Bobcat belt-drive system.
  • Remove two nuts and tip back the cab in minutes to perform non-routine service and access hydraulic or hydrostatic components.
  • Protect your investment and minimize job hazards with the one-piece, 1/4 inch, high-strength protective tailgate.