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Versatile, Limited-Access Problem Solver

Mini Track Loader

Bobcat Mini Track Loaders deliver big machine performance in a personal package. These loaders combine the attachment versatility of its larger sibling Bobcat machines with the convenience of a walk-behind loader. Its small size and turf-friendly track drive make the Bobcat mini track loader a great solution to limited access and low-disturbance tasks. The innovative control panel makes the Bobcat mini track loader an easy to operate machine, and the optional ride-on platform adds comfort and conveniences to this top performer.

The Track Advantage

The tracked undercarriage of the Mini Track Loader gives it several advantages. The tracks distribute the loader's weight, reducing ground pressure to just 5.2 psi for the MT52 and 4.1 psi for the MT55 and minimizing damage to lawns and other surfaces meaning that there is little need for costly and time-consuming worksite reclamation after a job is completed. They provide improved traction in loose or soft conditions, and of course, they never go flat!

Ride-on Platform

Ride On / Walk Behind Convenience

The Bobcat mini track loaders feature an optional wheeled ride-on platform that provides additional convenience and comfort to the operator. Attaching the platform to the Bobcat mini track loader is fast and easy with its quick-release pin connectors - you can be riding in seconds! Removal is just as fast when you want to walk. Ride or decide.

Ultra Compact Size

Bobcat mini track loaders can travel through narrow doorways, aisles, and gates, getting you into close quarters indoors or out. Another benefit of the mini track loader is that its compact size makes it easy to load and transport on a trailer.

Conveniences of a Walk-Behind Loader

There is no cab to enter or exit with the mini track loader, meaning that operators get all the advantages of a walk-behind machine, including improved visibility and the ability to easily stop and resume tasks.

Safety Features

  • Reverse-travel stop panel returns the drive levers to neutral when pushed in, stopping the machine and preventing it from moving backward.
  • A parking brake prevents the loader from moving when not in use.
  • Neutral start interlocks prevent the engine from starting if either the travel levers or the auxiliary hydraulic control lever is engaged.
  • A lift arm and tilt lockout system (with manual bypass) prevents accidental movement of the lift arms or attachment.

Simple To Operate

The instrument panel on these machines are designed to be simple and efficient, with intuitive hand levers that control most functions. Two adjustable hand bars are also provided to help the operator maintain better control.