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Loader Comfort You Can See, Hear and Feel

You expect comfort from Bobcat compact equipment, but the M-Series loaders set new standards.

In fact, you won't want to leave the cab of your Bobcat® M-Series skid steer loader or compact track loader (CTL). As you open the door, you're surrounded by the spacious cab, premium features and operator-friendly design.


Bobcat Mseries Comfort Cab
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All-Around Visibility Improvements

M-Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders offer better visibility in all directions. The rear window is 14% larger, while the size of the top window is now 43% larger. You'll notice the difference as you load a truck or use attachments with raised lift arms. The larger windows also boost your visibility to the sides and tracks.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Bobcat offers the best all-around visibility and we can prove it. Watch this video comparison.

Pressurized Interior

You stay clean and comfortable in the best-in-class pressurized cab. Bobcat M-Series cabs achieve best-in-class status through the one-piece pressure seal engaging the entire door on the front and sides, compressing the seal into a specialized curved door pocket that keeps out dust and debris.

Bobcat Advantage Videos

Bobcat compared its pressurized cab with other loader cabs. You might be surprised to see the results in this video.

Air Ride Seats

Achieve optimal suspension comfort with the optional air ride seats. Riding on air suspension helps you smooth out the bumps and increases comfort. The seat offers time-saving features by customizing your weight adjustment and suspension travel much faster.

Unique Cab Forward Design

The distinct M-Series cab-forward design improves all-around visibility. By moving the operator area forward, you receive enhanced views of the bucket and attachments

Quiet Operation

The new M-Series cab is bigger and quieter. Inside the cab, sound levels are reduced by more than 60% to increase your comfort. New engine mounts better isolate sound levels and vibration.

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Seat-Mounted Joystick Controls

On M-Series loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), the joysticks are mounted to the seat. As the suspension seat shifts up and down, the joysticks move with the seat. Reduce your arm movement and increase your comfort.

The joystick mounts on SJC-equipped loaders shift forward and backward, independent of the seat. Adjust the joysticks to your preferred operating position.

Learn more about Selectable Joystick Controls

Bigger Entry/Exit

Enter and exit the cab with ease. The industry's largest cab opening is now even larger, combined with increased front cab-door surface area. The door threshold is lowered for easier entry and exit. The lower door threshold also provides better visibility to the attachment and work area.

Surrounded by Comfort

The new M-Series cab is filled with premium improvements that keep you comfortable, make your work more enjoyable and help long days on the job go faster.

Cab Space and Operator Support

  • Larger Cab Size: Enjoy 10% more cab space with more room for your arms, legs, shoulders, head and feet.
  • Improved Seat Adjustments: With two additional inches of forward or aft movements, the seat accommodates different-sized operators.
  • Flat Floor: M-Series compact track loaders have no floor hump, giving you more foot space and leg room.
  • More Suspension: The range of up-and-down seat movements is increased by 33% for a softer ride.
  • Air Ride Seats: Choose the optional air ride seats to smoothen out the ride.
  • Extra Elbow Room: Windows are mounted on the outside of the Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) for extra elbow room and faster window cleaning. Quickly wipe or pressure-wash the windows from the outside.

Controls and Instruments

  • Convenient Engine Speed Control: The engine speed control is moved in front of you, on the right-hand corner post of the cab.
  • Deluxe Instrumentation Panel: This intelligent option closely monitors key loader functions, and the keyless start helps prevent theft. The new five-inch, full-color LCD screen offers better readability and interaction. Easy-to-read virtual sweep gauges allow you to quickly read and understand operation levels.
  • Operator Switches: The operator switches are now located on the cab corner posts to put important controls in front of you and allow a larger top window.
Bobcat Advantage Videos

Watch this video to see the best instrumentation panel you can buy.

Lighting and Climate Control

  • Easy-Pull, Easy-Secure Side Window: Pull the side knob to slide the window to five positions. The window locks in place for consistent air flow.
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: The heat and air conditioning controls are mounted in front of you for convenience and ease of operation. Eight directional ducts point the air where you need it.
  • Rear Defrost: Defrost the new, larger rear window with new rear air ducts.

Audio, Storage and Cleaning

  • Radio Ready: Stereo systems can be easily added to all M-Series loaders. The radio features an auxiliary audio input that is ready for an MP3 player or other device.
  • 12-Volt Power Accessory: Charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and other devices.
  • Convenient Cup Holders: Hold 20-oz. soda bottles, super-sized cups and coffee mugs.
  • Convenient Storage: Bins are located throughout the machine, allowing you to store items where it's most convenient.
  • Better Foot Well Cleaning Access: Two additional cleanout holes in the foot well permit easier removal of mud and debris that enters the cab.