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Deluxe Instrumentation Panel Improves Loader Productivity

The optional M-Series Deluxe Instrumentation Panel brings upgraded communication, monitoring, productivity and control to your Bobcat® skid steer loader or compact track loader (CTL). More importantly, the panel boosts your productivity and peace of mind all year long.

The Deluxe Instrumentation Panel monitors key loader functions, communicates alerts and provides additional attachment information to track usage. Using the ultra-sharp LCD screen and simple interface, you'll access data and helpful notifications to keep your loader operating at peak capacity with greater uptime.

Panel Diagnostics and Alerts

The 5-inch, full-color screen provides excellent readability and interaction. You’ll quickly interpret the loader’s diagnostics from an easy-to-read virtual sweep gauge. The display panel monitors 14 major loader functions and provides troubleshooting suggestions. You'll be alerted when a warning occurs and you can set the display to indicate which operator was assigned to the machine.

Password-Protected Keyless Start

Reduce the risk of loss due to theft or unauthorized use with the Deluxe Instrumentation Panel and up to eight custom keyless start codes. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, $3 million in compact equipment is lost each day to thieves. Compact loaders are one of the most stolen pieces of compact equipment.

In addition to theft protection, you’ll eliminate downtime due to lost keys and possibly even lower your insurance premiums.

Enhanced Attachment Operation

The Deluxe Instrumentation Panel enhances the operation of select attachments:

  • Make minor grade adjustments to laser-guided attachments without leaving the cab. Boost productivity by monitoring the attachment, receivers and transmitter on the LCD screen, making you more productive.
  • Monitor your tree spade’s active blades and gates, change auto-dig and easy dig settings, and keep track of the number of trees dug in a day.
  • Some attachments, such as latest Bobcat planer attachments, feature a built-in job clock that communicates with the panel. Monitor your service intervals and track attachment usage. The attachment job clock helps you monitor wear-related items, such as planer teeth, to help maximize your uptime.

Detailed Service Code Information

Service code history screens provide detailed information on codes that have been activated. Press the number corresponding to that code for additional data. You’ll see the error code, description and hour it was created. It can also be set to show who was operating when the code occurred. Dealer contact information can be programmed in the service interval screen, giving you an easy way to contact a service representative.

Other Deluxe Instrumentation Panel Features

  • Digital time clock
  • Multilingual capabilities including English, Spanish and five other languages
  • Resettable hour meter
  • Attachment controls help menu
  • Metric and English capabilities
  • Multiple password settings: Offers added convenience and more control over your machine
  • BobCare PMSM Maintenance Screen: Reminds you when scheduled maintenance is due to maximize your performance
  • Activity monitor: Allows you to check machine usage by operator with the job clock feature
  • Functional lockout: Protects from misuse or accidental use by locking out certain functions such as high-flow hydraulics

Security Panel Upgrade

If you aren't ready for the robust functionality of Deluxe Instrumentation, but you'd like the convenience of keyless start with the added security of an owner-defined numeric code, choose the optional security panel upgrade.

The M-Series Deluxe Instrumentation Panel is referenced here. K-Series loaders with Deluxe Instrumentation provide similar functionality, with some exceptions. See your dealer for details.