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New Loaders Backed by Legendary Bobcat Durability

The new M-Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders (CTL) extend Bobcat’s reputation for quality and durability. Save time with smart, simple loader maintenance. Increase your uptime with tough materials and top construction. Gain peace of mind with features that monitor your machine and protect it from jobsite damage.

More Efficient Cooling and Cleaning

The efficient, higher-capacity M-Series cooling system delivers better performance and longer machine life. The swing-up cleaning access makes it easy to remove dust and debris. Simply remove a cover and push up the large aluminum oil cooler to pressure wash or blast air between the cooler and radiator. The prop rod holds open the oil cooler for better access to debris buildup. The new design ensures peak performance from your cooling system.

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quick couplers

Protected Quick-Couplers

Integrated, pressure-release quick couplers are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm, with no exposed hoses to damage. The guard extends past the coupler, giving you added protection.

protective tailgate

Protected Tailgate

The M-Series lower rear frame extends past the tailgate to protect your skid steer loader or compact track loader from obstacles, scrapes and bumps on the worksite.

tie downs

Simple Machine Tie-Downs

Quickly secure your M-Series skid steer loader or compact track loader without searching for hard-to-reach tie-downs. The new tie-downs are easy to locate and use.

Hydraulic Sight Gauge

Use the handy gauge to check the hydraulic oil level quickly and easily as you walk by the loader. The gauge is conveniently located for daily maintenance checks.

Easier, Faster Maintenance

The convenient pivot pins on key maintenance points make your checks go faster. Avoid laying on the ground or standing on the tracks to grease the pins.

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Bobcat drive motors are built better – and they're better protected. Watch this video comparison.

Adjustment-Free Belts

The drive and accessory belts need no adjustments, reducing maintenance and providing peace of mind.

Machine Shutdown Protection

Engine coolant, hydraulic oil and engine oil are continually monitored. If a vital function is out of normal operating range, the system provides an alert and warning message. If the issue is severe, the machine automatically shuts down to avoid catastrophic failure.

Self Diagnostics

The on-board diagnostics efficiently troubleshoot issues in the field – or prevent them before they occur. Remain productive and on the job longer.

Keyless Start

Reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized use with keyless start, a feature available with the Deluxe Instrumentation Panel option. Defend your machine with up to eight customizable security codes.

Maintenance-Free Chaincase (Skid-Steer Loaders)

The rugged Bobcat skid steer loader chaincase is the only maintenance-free chaincase in the industry. The protected axle seats never need adjustments or greasing.

M-series skid-steer loaders feature endless roller, high-strength oval chains (HSOC) with no master link. The chains are 38% stronger than those used by other manufacturers.

Keel-Shaped Belly Pan (Skid-Steer Loaders)

Bobcat skid-steer loaders have more ground clearance than competitive machines, helping you travel through mud and sand. The keel-shaped undercarriage is lowest at the center of the machine, with increased ground clearance closer to the wheels. The design allows the loader to pass over most obstructions, much as a boat slices through water. Other skid-steer loaders have flat bottoms that bog down in soft conditions.

Roller Suspension™ System (Compact Track Loaders)

Bobcat's exclusive compact track loader Roller Suspension™ system option utilizes all-steel components to increase operator comfort without sacrificing durability.

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