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Radio Remote Control
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Radio Remote Control System Components

What does the Bobcat Loader Radio Remote Control System include?

  • Transmitter: Supported with adjustable shoulder strap with guard bar and tethered manual attached
  • Receiver: Installs on top of the loader's cab and has amber/green strobe lights and horns
  • Control Mode Selector / Emergency Stop-Box: Installs on top of the tailgate
  • Also included: Battery and battery charger, remote ready identification tag to indicate that loader can be operated remotely, carrying case and Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual tethered to the transmitter

Product Specifications

Transmitting Range Wireless operating range is approximately 1500 feet (500 meters). Visual contact with the loader and its travel path is required. Transmitting range will vary depending upon work site conditions.
Operating Frequency License Free 2.4 GHz per FCC PART 18 (with Interference Free Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Transmitter/Receiver Configuration Transmitter and receiver configuration is factory set and must be used as a matched pair. (See ID tags on transmitter and receiver)
Transmitter Weight 8.5 lbs. (without straps)
Maximum Loader Travel Speed* 6.2 mph (10 km/h)
Transmitter Safety Tilt Sensor Transmitter stops loader engine if transmitter is tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction, and is equipped with a guard bar to prevent accidental activation of controls.
Battery 9.6 volt DC rechargeable
Battery Life Up to 15 hour battery life per charge
Charge Time 2 hours, 12 Volt DC input auto battery charger included
Loader Software Version 57. Older loader models may require software upgrades. See your Bobcat dealer for more information.

* Complies with ISO 15817 Earthmoving machinery-safety requirements for remote operator control. Operation of the loader with the Radio Remote Control System is NOT APPROVED for use in certain areas requiring additional safeguards against fire hazards as defined by the National Fire Protection Association Standard NFPA-505 (also ANSI B56.2) or by OSHA as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR 1910.178. NOTE: Loaders equipped with the Loader Radio Remote Control System should not be used in explosive environments or in applications where extremely high temperatures could damage the machine. For approved need and use of equipment in certain hazardous applications, contact the "AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION". Refer to the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual for more information.