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The Standard for Skid-Steer Loader Comfort

Climb into a Bobcat® skid-steer loader and enjoy the industry’s best cab. Great all-around visibility, more operator space, cab options, fingertip controls and related features supply all-day, operator-focused comfort.

Comfort Cab

Easy Entry/Exit

Bobcat skid-steer loaders have the largest entry/exit area – and the M-Series loaders entry/exit area is even larger. This means you’re less likely to bump your head or body when you enter or exit the machine. If you enter or exit the cab throughout the day, you’ll appreciate the additional space. The swing-open door, which can be quickly removed without tools, does not take up precious cab space.


All-Around Visibility

Our skid-steer loader cabs are designed for all-around visibility. The better sight lines improve your performance in tight areas, such as grading next to a building or loading the machine on a trailer. Bobcat strives to design loaders that allow you to see the wheels without raising the loader arms. Bucket corners are clearly visible from the seat, helping you see the cutting edge for precise work.

The cab-forward design of M-Series loaders gives you even better visibility and moves you closer to your work.

More Operator Room

Overall comfort begins with the operator. Bobcat loaders have more head, waist, leg and elbow room, to make you more comfortable. For maximum space, heater and air conditioning units are integrated into the cab design.

More Leg Room

Bobcat skid-steer loaders also offer more leg room. Since hydraulic oil lines are routed outside the cab, you have more space and comfort.

Climate-Controlled Cab

Climate-Controlled Cab

Whether you work in sub-zero temperatures or extreme heat, you’ll appreciate the optional heat and air conditioning. The fully-integrated air conditioning doesn’t limit overhead clearance or cab visibility.

High-Visibility Curved Glass

The curved door glass design on Bobcat skid-steer loaders offers roomier cab space and increased visibility to the work area.

Fingertip Controls

Fingertip Controls

Precise attachment control helps you finish the job quickly and efficiently. Fingertip controls make attachment operation comfortable and accurate – even as you drive. The detent feature continuously engages attachment flow without needing to hold the switch. With the Bobcat detent feature, you can lock the flow in the opposite direction for sweepers, soil conditioners, tillers and other attachments. The variable/max flow allows flexible operation of grapples and combination buckets.

Ride Control

The optional Ride Control kit provides a smoother ride and minimizes material spillage when you work on uneven ground. The specially-designed lift circuit accumulator is similar to a shock absorber on vehicles. As the accumulator adjusts to ground conditions, it adds cushion and removes the bounces.