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Skid-Steer Performance That Exceeds Expectations

With Bobcat® skid-steer loaders, you can get more out of your machine and accomplish more in your day. Bobcat loaders offer more usable horsepower, proper balance and ideal weight distribution. You receive industry-leading breakout force, faster cycle times and quicker turns.

Ideal Weight Balance

Skid-steer loaders must have a proper weight balance to make sharp turns, maximize engine power and increase tire life.

Bobcat skid-steer loaders have unequal loading between the front and rear axles. With no load in the bucket, approximately 70% of the loader’s weight rests on the rear axle. As a result, the machine easily turns on its rear wheels.

When Bobcat skid-steer loaders have a rated load in the bucket, the front axles become the pivot point. The ratio is reversed, with approximately 30% of the machine weight on the rear axle and 70% on the front axle. This enables easy turns/skids with a rated load – and it reduces the need for a larger engine.

In contrast, some skid-steer loaders are not properly balanced. These “flat-footed” machines place unnecessary wear on the tires, engine and drive train. To compensate, these loaders may require more horsepower (and consume more fuel) to perform similar tasks.

Stronger Hydraulics

As you assess skid-steer models, feel the balance of horsepower and hydraulics. Because the engine and pump package are properly matched, Bobcat skid-steer loaders outperform other models. You work faster and harder when your machine has the right blend of size, horsepower, operating capacity, balance and weight.

Quicker Cycle Times

It’s faster to load trucks and lift heavy loads with Bobcat skid-steer loaders. You’ll notice the faster cycle times as you compare Bobcat loaders against other machines. With the efficient control valve, cylinder sizes and pump, you gain power and precision for fast cycle times. At the same time, you have plenty of power to run auxiliary attachments.

Faster Speeds

Travel time impacts your productivity. When you work on a large construction site, subdivision or acreage, use the optional 2-speed travel to boost your top travel speed by 50% or more. It’s also effective for faster snow removal on large areas such as parking lots, long sidewalks and roads.

High Torque

For better digging performance, Bobcat skid-steer loads deliver high torque at a relatively low rpm. This reduces the chance of stalling, saving you time and fuel throughout the day.

More Control Over Your Loader

Be in command of your skid-steer loader’s drive, engine torque and tractive effort. With no stall-limiting systems, Bobcat loaders give you more power and confidence.

The stall-limiting systems on other loaders override your input, limiting your control and strength when you need it the most. Because you cannot push the machine to its maximum ability, these features reduce productivity and consume more fuel.

Best Breakout Force

Bobcat skid-steer loaders provide more usable power as they continually respond to loads. The high-efficiency, torque-limiting piston pumps match force to demand to provide better breakout and bucket force.

Hydraulic Bucket Positioning

Spill less and work faster. The hydraulic bucket positioning option keeps the bucket level as the lift arms complete the lift cycle. It’s also useful for loading objects with pallet forks. Concentrate on your surroundings, not the tilt control.