Bobcat® Compact Excavators

Bobcat Compact Excavators

Bobcat® compact excavators (also known as mini excavators) combine proven quality and performance and comfort.

Industry-leading cycle times, quiet operation, climate control and easy maintenance enable you to accomplish more on the jobsite.

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  • Optional Hydraulic X-Change

    Change attachments quickly with the optional Hydraulic X-Change™ mounting system. Activate the hydraulic pins at the press of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hook up. Bobcat® Hydraulic X-Change maintains optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry – so that arm and bucket force are not compromised.

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  • Optional Extendable Arm

    Reach further and finish your jobs faster with the industry's only clamp-ready extendable arm option available on select models. It delivers an additional 30 in. of reach compared to standard arms, so you can reach farther with less repositioning. When retracted, the extendable arm delivers tear-out force similar to a standard arm.

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  • Advanced Hydraulics

    Bobcat® excavators are engineered with advanced hydraulic components that maximize power, speed, predictability and control. Exclusive control valves deliver exceptional metering for smooth and predictable control of machine functions. Load-sensing piston pumps deliver more usable power by continuously responding to loads. Bobcat excavators deliver smooth operation without sacrificing cycle times and the workgroup maintains exceptional arm and bucket breakout forces in tough conditions.

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  • In-Track Swing Frame

    With the exclusive in-track swing frame, the swing castings and cylinders stay within the tracks when in an offset digging position. This means you can dig flush up against obstacles like foundations or walls. It also increases your ability to work in tight areas in an offset dig position.

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  • Fingertip Boom Swing Control

    With a rocker-style thumb switch, you can make fine movements with low effort and maximum comfort. Compared to foot pedals, this style of swing control offers improved metering of the swing function. Multifunction operation, such as swinging and traveling simultaneously, is easier too.

  • Auto Shift

    With auto shift, your machine automatically shifts to high range for traveling, meaning you only have to manage direction and speed. When you start working again, the machine automatically downshifts for more working power.

  • Auto Idle

    When machine functions aren't used for more than four seconds, the machine automatically idles the engine until work resumes. When the machine is quieter, you can communicate easier on the jobsite and you’ll save fuel too. When you move the joystick controls or initiate travel, the excavator automatically returns to the previously set throttle position.

  • Optional Angle Blade

    An angle blade can be essential if you need to backfill and grade quickly – without forming windrows of dirt that take multiple passes to clear. With the angle blade, you can angle the backfill blade 25 degrees to the left or the right, minimizing “trailers” on both sides of the blade. Simple, low-effort fingertip controls position the angle blade.

  • Attachments Now

    Do more than dig with your compact excavator. Most Bobcat® excavators come standard with the exclusive X-Change™ attachment mounting system, quick couplers, clamp mounts, port reliefs and fingertip controls. With many excavators, these can be pricey add-ons. For maximum versatility, you can use more than a dozen attachments with your Bobcat excavator.

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  • Retractable Undercarriage

    With the Bobcat® 418 compact excavators, you can retract the hydraulically activated undercarriage to squeeze into the tightest workspaces.

  • Panoramic Serviceability

    With quick access to daily maintenance components, it’s easier to maintain your machine. Lift the wide-opening access panel and gain access to many service areas including the air filter, alternator, belts, coolant, fuel filter, starter and the oil dipstick, filter and fill. A centralized grease bank makes lubricating the slew bearing, slew pinion and swing cylinder easy.

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  • Optional Deluxe Instrumentation

    Quickly read operation information including the fuel level, coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position, engine RPM and more on full-color virtual gauges.

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