Mini Track Loaders

Mini Track Loaders

Bobcat® mini track loaders deliver rugged dependability in a compact size. Use more than 20 approved attachments to dig, lift, carry and push material. With an impressive rated operating capacity, fast cycle times and turf-friendly tracks, mini track loaders make easy work of many jobs normally done by hand.


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  • Compact Design

    Go where other machines can't. Both Bobcat mini track loader models are just three feet wide, with a bucket, which means you can travel through gates, doorways and easily maneuver in cramped spaces to complete your work. Its size also makes it easy to load and transport on a trailer.

  • Turf-Friendly Tracks

    Rubber tracks on mini track loaders tread lightly over turf, minimizing damage and related repair costs. Tracks also provide improved traction in loose or soft conditions.

  • More Than 20 Attachments

    Pair the mini track loader with more than 20 attachments to eliminate manual labor for many backbreaking tasks. The Bob-Tach™ attachment system allows you to add numerous attachments including an auger, grapple, pallet fork, soil conditioner, trencher and many more.

  • Simple Controls

    All controls are at your fingertips. Easily adjust your travel speed and direction and control lift and tilt operations.

  • Ride On or Walk Behind Convenience

    The Bobcat mini track loaders feature an optional wheeled ride-on platform that provides additional convenience and comfort to the operator. Attach the platform to the back of the machine and ride behind while working.

  • Safety Features

    Operate your machine safely with many standard safety features including a parking brake, lift arm and tilt lockout system, neutral start and a reverse-travel stop panel, which returns the drive levers to neutral when pushed in, stopping the machine and preventing it from moving backward.

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