Bobcat V417 VersaHandler

The Bobcat® V417 telehandler combines the speed, agility and strength of a skid-steer loader with the extended reach of a forklift. It's ideal for jobs that require superior lift height, longer reach and the ability to lift heavier payloads.

Use a variety of attachments to complete many non-traditional tasks. The V417 isn't just a lift and place machine - you can sweep, dig, push and blow snow, rake, mow, till, move pallets and much more, all with one machine.

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  • Performance

    Hydrostatic Drive

    Experience more precise control than traditional torque converter-style transmissions found in similar machines and greater wheel torque for digging and pushing.

    Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine

    A powerful engine lets you accomplish the most demanding worksite tasks.

    Bob-Tach™ mounting system

    Use many of the same attachments used on skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and all-wheel steer loaders.

    Dynamic Breaking

    The hydrostatic system will naturally apply breaking force, reducing energy consumption and wear on the brakes.

    Two Drive Modes

    High mode enables great performance and faster speed, while low mode gives you the extra wheel torque you need to get jobs like pushing, stockpiling or truck loading done efficiently.

    Travel Speed

    Enjoy a top travel speed of 15.5 mph in high mode and 4.3 mph in low mode.

    Load Capacity

    Two-stage boom with a maximum lift capacity of 4,400 lb.

    Lift Height

    Lift materials up to 17 ft. 2 in.

    Long Reach

    Operate at a maximum reach of 12 ft. 4 in.

    Superior Frame

    A light, rigid frame provides greater stability and reduced flex.

    Steering Mode Selection

    Choose between three steering modes - all-wheel (for quick and tight turns), crab steer (for side-to-side movements) and front-wheel steering (for high-speed road travel).

  • Comfort

    Enclosed Cab

    Stay protected from the elements and work year-round in comfort with the enclosed cab.

    Climate Control

    Keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer with heat and air-conditioning.

    Suspension Seat

    The adjustable suspension seat minimizes vibration inside, giving you a smooth ride.

    Tilt Steering

    Move the steering wheel exactly where you want it for comfortable operation every time. Unlock and secure it with a simple lever.

    Easy Entry/Exit

    A large door opening allows you to get in and out of your machine easier without bumping your head or body.

    Joystick Controls

    Operate the lift and tilt functions with the loader-style joystick controls. The boom extension and auxiliary hydraulic functions are activated by the variable-control thumbwheels on the joystick.

  • Uptime Protection

    Engine Cover Screen

    Prevents large debris from entering the engine basket and plugging the radiator.

    Protected Engine

    Both sides and the bottom of the engine are protected with a thick steel frame while the rubber engine mounts reduce shock in difficult terrain.

    Double-Element Air Cleaner Canister

    Allows for better air flow through the cooling system.

    Liquid-Cooled Engine

    Prevents overheating and protects engine components from damage.

    Easy Service Access

    The right side-mounted engine is easily accessible for service.

  • Versatility

    Compact Design

    The narrow frame and compact size (just 6 ft. wide and 6.5 ft. tall) makes it easy to enter limited access areas.

    Low-Profile Boom

    The boom's low-mount and rear-pivot position gives you superior digging ability and side visibility.

    Extendable Boom

    Two-stage boom extends to many lift heights and reach lengths. Load materials into high trucks, lift over fences and stack materials high above the ground.

  • Ease of Use

    Shift-On-The-Fly Drive Mode

    Maintain travel speed in tough conditions; change from front-wheel mode to four-wheel steering mode on the fly.

    Speed Management

    Allows you to set the maximum travel speed to maintain the optimum speed for attachment use and travel speed.

    Inching Pedal

    Control your travel speed at any RPM with the inching pedal. You can slightly press the inching pedal up a half stroke to maintain full engine RPM, allowing you to control your speed and maintain full hydraulic flow for attachments and improved cycle times.

    All-Around Visibility

    The side mounted engine and low profile boom give you the utmost visibility during operation.

    Glow Plugs

    Benefit from easier starts in cold weather.

    Work Lights

    See your work clearly early in the morning or late in the evening.

  • Options


    Listen to music while you work.


    Alert nearby drivers and pedestrians.


  • Bobcat V417
    Engine Bobcat V417
    Engine CoolingLiquid
    Emissions Tier (EPA)Tier 3
    Engine FuelDiesel
    Horsepower75 HP
    Displacement230 cubic in
    Turbocharged EngineYes
    Performance Bobcat V417
    Operating Weight10648 lbs
    Travel Speed - High15.5 mph
    Travel Speed - Low4.3 mph
    Rated Lift Capacity4400 lbs
    Lift Height206 in
    Lift Height @ Max Capacity206 in
    Max Reach124 in
    Max Load Full Height4400 lbs
    Max load at Max Reach1850 lbs
    Bucket Breakout Force4721 lbf
    Max Draw Bar Pull6970 lbs
    Boom Breakout Force6744 lbf
    Max lift capacity with stabilizersN/A
    Max load full height with stabilizersN/A
    Max load at Max reach with stabilizersN/A
    Hydraulic System Bobcat V417
    Auxiliary Std Flow22 GPM
    Auxiliary Pressure3626 psi
    Dimension Bobcat V417
    Length Fork Heel To Rear156.8 in
    Width72.4 in
    Height78.1 in
    Height with Operator Cab78.1 in
    Cab Height with Beacon86 in
    Wheelbase90.6 in


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