Toolcat Utility Work Machines

Toolcat™ Utility Work Machines

When you've got plenty to do, versatility is essential. Toolcat™ utility work machines from Bobcat Company give you all the best features of a pickup truck, tractor, skid-steer loader and utility vehicle, saving you time and money.

The Toolcat work machine can comfortably transport two people, haul all of their tools to a jobsite and get the job done in one trip. Lift, haul, tow, and utilize more than 40 job matched attachments to complete a wide range of projects and maintenance tasks.

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  • More than 40 Attachments

    Use more than 40 attachments to tackle hundreds of jobs. There's no limit to what you can accomplish when you purchase or rent attachments. Complete quick attachment changes with the Bob-Tach™ mounting system. With the 5610, you can use front attachments and rear 3-point implements.

  • Operator Comfort

    Even people without equipment experience are surprised to see how easy it is to operate Toolcat™ utility work machines. With automotive style controls and a heated, air-conditioned cab, both models have the fit, finish and comfort of an automobile. The panoramic view offers a clear view of your surroundings and everything you need to operate the machine is within easy reach, and most importantly, simple to operate.

  • Four-Wheel Drive and Hydrostatic Control

    Exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive and Hydrostatic Traction Control (HTC) delivers as much traction and torque as possible to power through snow or up an incline, while minimizing damage on turf. HTC also eliminates "binding" when turning, which minimizes ground disturbance and reduces wear on your tires.

  • Independent Suspension

    Stay comfortable and work faster. The suspension system isolates the frame and all four wheels to provide maximum comfort, traction, attachment operation and turning performance.

  • All-Wheel Steer

    Minimize tire wear while working on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete and minimize ground disturbance while working on soft, manicured surfaces like grass or turf. All-wheel steer, with four steerable axles, delivers a tighter turning radius than most ATVs, so you can maneuver in tight spaces without having to back up and reposition.

  • Toolcat 5610

    With the Toolcat™ 5610, one machine simplifies your day. It has options for a 3-point hitch, PTO and rear remote hydraulics – and it shares the lifting, towing and attachment capabilities of the Toolcat 5600. With both front and rear work options, you can use both attachments and rear-mounted implements with the available PTO.