Why a Toolcat Utility Work Machine?
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Why a Toolcat Utility Work Machine?

When you've got plenty to do, versatility is essential. The Toolcat™ utility work machines from Bobcat® Company give you all the best features of a pickup truck, tractor, skid-steer loader and utility vehicle to save time and money.

With Toolcat machines, you won’t have to slow down to start up another machine. You won’t waste valuable space occupied by equipment that only gets used occasionally. And, you can eliminate the extra costs of maintaining multiple machines.

With impressive lifting, hauling and towing capacities, you'll be able to get more done in less time. Lift up to 1,500 lb. seven feet high with the front-mounted lift arm. Haul 2,000 lb. of materials in the hydraulic dump cargo box of the 5600. Tow 4000 lb. with the 2-in. standard receiver hitch.

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  • More Than 40 Attachments

    Maximize your production and return on investment by connecting the Toolcat™ utility work machine to one of several attachments. Mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon and dig post holes in the evening. You can leverage this investment in different ways all year long. Simply buy the attachments you use the most, like a snow blower or sweeper, and rent others, like a chipper, for one-time projects.

  • Precise Maneuverability

    With all-wheel steer capabilities, Toolcat™ utility work machines offer the perfect balance of power and precision. You can choose front-wheel steer for road travel or all-wheel steer when working in tight spaces or when aggressive steering is needed.

    All-wheel steer, with four steerable axles, delivers a tighter turning radius, so you can maneuver in tight spaces without having to back up and reposition. Plus, you'll minimize tire wear while working on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete and reduce ground disturbance while working on soft, manicured surfaces like grass or turf.

  • Comfort Cab

    With automotive style controls and a heated, air-conditioned cab, Toolcat™ utility work machines have the fit, finish and comfort of an automobile. Tilt steering and an adjustable seat make operating comfortable for any operator. Even getting in and out of the machine is easy with wide, low door openings.

    The panoramic view offers a clear view of your attachments and surroundings. Everything you need to operate is cleanly laid out, within easy reach and most importantly, simple to operate. A responsive joystick provides hassle-free attachment control and a simple switch or lever activates most features. Shuttle shift with two-speed allows you to shift between high and low range on the fly.

  • Maintenance

    Toolcat™ utility work machines meet and exceed the toughest standards in the industry – Bobcat Company standards. Components — such as the engine and cooling system — are the same as those found in our legendary loaders and excavators. These components are rigorously tested in a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, military and more.

    An innovative spine frame is the foundation for our engineering - it tackles the toughest jobs without twisting and provides excellent balance when lifting, digging, pushing heavy snow and traveling on uneven ground.

    Machine shutdown protection monitors your machine and automatically shuts down the engine before catastrophic damage occurs. Maintenance points are easy to find and reach too - meaning it's easier to keep your machine running at peak performance.

  • Four-Wheel Independent Suspension

    Each wheel on Toolcat™ utility work machines travels up and down independently, isolating the frame from changes in the terrain and providing a smoother ride. Compared to a tractor, other types of loaders and even utility vehicles, one of the first things you’ll notice is the increase in comfort.

    The four-wheel independent suspension system, including A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops, isolates the frame and all four wheels to provide top-of-the-line comfort while maximizing traction, attachment performance and turning performance. Suspension stops provide support at maximum lift or payload capacity and a longer wheelbase lessens the impact of bumps and dips.

  • Maximum Traction. Minimal Disturbance.

    The one-of-a-kind drive train on Toolcat™ utility work machines includes four-wheel drive, horsepower management and hydrostatic traction control – so you never have to back down when the road gets rough.

    Hydrostatic Traction Control, four-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension delivers maximum traction in any condition while minimizing the effects of "binding" found on other four-wheel drive systems. The hydrostatic drive provides constant torque to all four wheels at all times for maximum traction.

  • 3-Point Hitch

    The optional 3-point hitch on the Toolcat™ 5610 gives you the versatility of a compact tractor combined with the lifting, towing and attachment capabilities of the Toolcat 5600. Add the optional PTO and rear remote hydraulics for limitless implement options.

    Pair your existing 3-point implements (Category 1) with the unmatched versatility of the Toolcat 5610. Perform your usual 3-point implement jobs, or hook up an attachment and 3-point implement to easily transition between tasks: Blow snow, then blade the tight corners. Sweep, then blow leaves or debris.

  • PTO

    The optional PTO on the Toolcat™ 5610 powers your rear-mounted Category 1 PTO-powered implements. Designed only for Toolcat 5610 models equipped with high-flow hydraulics, the 25 hp with 540 rpm hydraulic PTO motor delivers smooth performance and push-button operation.

  • Rear Remote Hydraulics

    The rear remote hydraulics for the Toolcat™ 5610 adds greater control of your 3-point hitch implements. Make every second count and gain accuracy as you place snow, move dirt, dump materials and more. Avoid slowdowns, rework and manual labor.

    The Bobcat® hydraulic system on the 5610 allows you to control up to two additional hydraulic functions using switches inside the Toolcat 5610 cab. You receive 9.08 GPM of momentary hydraulic flow as you hold the switch to power various implement functions.

    Use rear remote hydraulics to precisely control and adjust many implements:

    • Adjust a snowblower’s chute direction and angle
    • Lower and lift multiple-stage mower decks
    • Add an aftermarket top-and-tilt kit to the Toolcat 5610 and increase the functionality of an angle blade, tine rake, box blade and other implements
    • Unload cargo from a hydraulic dump trailer