Head-to-Head Product Comparison Videos

In the Bobcat Advantage videos, you'll see how Bobcat equipment can tackle the toughest tasks - and outperform other brands of equipment - in head-to-head challenges. Be sure to watch these comparisons before your next compact equipment purchase.

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Compare Compact Excavators

  • Performance

    Slew Challenge

    Lifting Challenge

    Digging Challenge

    Backfill Challenge

    Travel Challenge

    Horsepower Challenge

    Extended Reach Advantages

  • Uptime Protection

    Serviceability Comparison

    Multifunctioning Advantages

    Made in the USA

    Keyless Start

    Hose Routing Comparison

    Entry Comparison

    Boom Advantages

    Operator Safety & Training

    Hydraulic System Comparison

    Electronic Comparison

  • Attachments

    Compact Excavators: Performance

    X-Change Advantages

    Hydraulic X-Change Advantages

    Clamp Comparison

    Attachment Readiness

Compare Compact Track Loaders

  • Performance

    Hydraulic Power Challenge

    Lift Breakout Challenge

    Multi-Functioning Challenge

    Pushing Force Challenge

    Suspension System Comparison

    Travel Challenge

    Horsepower Management

    Steering Drift Compensation

  • Uptime Protection

    Cooling System Comparison

    Drive Motor Comparison

    Hose Routing Comparison

    Instrumentation Comparison

    Lift Arm Comparison

    Roller Suspension Comparison

    Operator Safety & Training

  • Quality Design

    Pressurized Cab Challenge

    Quick-Tach Comparison

    Rear Visibility Challenge

    Serviceability Comparison

    Side Visibility Comparison

Compare Attachments

  • Auger

    Augers: Digging Depth Challenge

    Augers: Maintenance Comparison

    Augers: Torque Challenge

  • Bucket

    Buckets: Backs Comparison

    Buckets: Bottoms Comparison

    Buckets: Customization Comparison

    Buckets: Strength Comparison

  • Forestry Cutter

    Forestry Cutter: Design and Quality

  • Industrial Grapple

    Industrial Grapples: Closing Force Challenge

    Industrial Grapples: Visibility Challenge

    Industrial Grapples: Design Quality Comparison

  • Pallet Fork

    Pallet Forks: Strength Comparison

  • Soil Conditioner

    Soil Conditioners: Design Quality Comparison

    Soil Conditioners: Performance Challenge