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Our People

Bobcat's People: The Secret to Our Success

Adapted from Bobcat: 50 Years of Opportunity, 1958-2008

Bobcat Company got its start because hearty souls on the northern plains were no longer satisfied doing things the way they always had. This same innovative spirit and tenacity is reflected today in Bobcat's offices and manufacturing facilities and Bobcat's distribution network. We pride ourselves on having the best employees and the best dealers in the industry.

Our Employees

At Bobcat, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets. And paramount to their success is the joy they experience in being part of the Bobcat Family. Whether talking about sales meetings, business trips, Bobcat Boot Camp, or just saying that working at Bobcat meant they never disliked getting up and going to work, Bobcat employees are quick to share stories about being part of the Bobcat family and tell of their "love of their jobs." That's exactly the culture that the Melroe brothers created and that countless others have carried on over the years. What's amazing is that people had so much fun and the company is so successful. Typically, the two don't mesh. But that's what makes Bobcat Company special, and that's what ensured people stuck around for 20, 30, and 40 years.

Working hard, playing hard, enjoying the job
One such story is of Gui Keuppens, a Bobcat employee in our European offices from 1984 to 2004, who still recalls his first trip to North Dakota . . . "I had to look at the map to find it, and then I had to find out how cold it was," he says. "On the plane from London to Minneapolis, my neighbor asked me where I was going, and I said 'Fargo.' The girl in front of me started to giggle, so I asked her what was wrong with North Dakota. My neighbor next to me answered, 'Well I was going to ask what you did wrong to be sent there.' Since that trip, I was back very frequently. In fact in my last years I was back to North Dakota about once a month . . . So I was half North Dakotan. We worked very hard, but sometimes we played. The Bobcat philosophy is work hard and play hard, and that was absolutely true. We all appreciated having fun, and I would try and get the North Dakotans to try European beer!"

Our Dealers

For nearly half of a century, Bobcat has taken products to the customers through our dealers. Over the years, we have recognized this as a partnership - Bobcat's dealers are part of our Bobcat family. Many have been tied to Bobcat since the company's earliest days, many have served on Bobcat's Dealer Advisory Council, and many more have built successful, self sustaining businesses on the Bobcat brand. It is because of these dealers that Bobcat has become the global brand it is today.

My first sales truck said, "Here comes Bob the Bobcat Man" on the front hood. I was 22 years old when I started selling Melroe Bobcat machines. I bleed white when I cut myself! - Bob Loula (a.k.a. "Bobcat Bob"), Atlas Bobcat, Illinois

Bobcat has always been a large company with a small company attitude and values—our opinions count. Everyone wants to be on a winning team. I am on that team! Here's to the next 50 years! - Greg Hoffman, Bobcat of Anderson, Indiana

Today, Bobcat has nearly 1000 dealers around the world, with nearly 575 in North America alone. Bobcat dealers pride themselves on being able locally promote, demonstrate, and sell the Bobcat branded product line. Find a Dealer.

Our story doesn't end here. There is so much more to be told in personal accounts, well told stories and photos.

For the full story, we invite you to read our commemorative book, "Bobcat: Fifty Years of Opportunity, 1958-2008," available now at participating Bobcat Dealers or online at