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Company Locations

Bobcat Company, part of the Doosan family of businesses, is the world leader in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of compact equipment, including Bobcat skid steer loaders, mini-excavators, utility vehicles and attachments. Bobcat Company may be an international corporation, but we still have a friendly, family feel. We’re based in North Dakota, with corporate offices in West Fargo and additional locations in Gwinner, Bismarck, Wahpeton and Litchfield, MN. International factories in Pontchateau, France; Dobris, Czech Republic and Wujiang, China. Join one of the world’s fastest growing global companies focused on delivering best-in-class products and services.

Doosan brings 112 years of history to every engagement. From building industrial facilities, machinery, and equipment to infrastructure development, Doosan also has sister companies in the consumer goods and service sectors. No matter where you find us, you’ll hear the sound of progress, see the results of our people, and feel the rhythm of transformation in everything that we do. Doosan’s "2G strategy" represents our belief in the growth of business through the growth of people. Doosan employs over 35,000 people worldwide.

Bobcat Company World Headquarters

250 East Beaton Drive
West Fargo, ND 58078-6000

West Fargo is located along the Red River of the North in southeast North Dakota.

The corporate office was completed in 2000. It resides on six acres of land and its one and a half story structure occupies 55,000 square feet.

For more information on West Fargo and our neighboring Fargo and Moorhead communities, visit:

Gwinner Manufacturing Facility

Gwinner is located approximately 85 miles southwest of our corporate headquarters in the southeast corner of North Dakota.

The Gwinner factory complex, established in 1957, manufactures Bobcat loaders. The facility is spread over 700,000 square feet which is comprised of the main plant, product engineering and marketing services buildings.

For more information on the city of Gwinner visit:

Bismarck Facilities

The Bismarck facilities house Aftermarket Parts, Finance, Information Technology and a Product engineering facility, as well as the Manufacturing Support Center (MSC) which occupies approximately 100,000 square feet. The creation of the MSC in 2006 allowed existing plant space to be used for additional fabrication and assembly procedures. With close proximity to the airport and railroad, the Bismarck facility is able to take full advantge of all forms of transportation.

Wahpeton Manufacturing Facility

Wahpeton is located approximately 55 miles south of the corporate headquarters in West Fargo, ND, and about 50 miles east of the Gwinner facility.

The Wahpeton manufacturing facility was opened in January 2010 and is about 130,000 square feet in size. The Wahpeton facility is where manufacturing of hydraulics, cylinders and valves takes place. More than 125 different cylinders and 18 different valves manufactured in Wahpeton supply Bobcat lines such as loaders, compact excavators and attachments.

Litchfield Manufacturing Facility

Litchfield, Minn. is located about 190 miles east of the corporate headquarters in West Fargo, ND, and about 70 miles west of Minneapolis, Minn.

The Litchfield facility is approximately 80,000 square feet in size and is where Bobcat attachments are manufactured. The attachments operations have been a part of Bobcat Company since 1998 and expanded to Litchfield in 2004. With more than 500 job-matched attachment models that serve markets such as agriculture, personal use, landscaping and construction, Bobcat Company offers more attachments for more machines than anyone in the world.

Additional Company Locations

As a global company serving a worldwide market, Bobcat has design, manufacturing, testing and distribution locations all around the world. Additional company locations include:

  • Fargo, ND
  • Tucson, AZ
  • Ponchateau, France
  • Dobris, Czech Republic
  • Wujiang, China
  • Waterloo, Belgium
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai, China
  • Chicago, IL
  • Puurs, Belgium