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Bobcat Artwork Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to any use of Bobcat artwork:

Photographs or artwork (generally referred to as "line art") showing Bobcat equipment may be used by any customer that uses Bobcat equipment in their business to depict actual Bobcat equipment used in their business.

Bobcat Company and its dealers are glad to provide such line art, either on paper or electronically, to customers using Bobcat equipment in their business who wish to show specific models or attachments in business correspondence, etc., to reflect the equipment used in their business. However, you do not have the right to use the Bobcat trademark or logo as your business name or otherwise to advertise in your business or to use the images in any way this is likely to mislead or confuse customers into believing that your business has been authorized or approved by the Bobcat Company. You also do not have the right to reproduce the images for purposes of the sale of any products incorporating any of the images. When using line art to advertise rental of Bobcat equipment, you may include one fair use statement stating "Bobcat® skid-steer loader rentals", or another similar statement that accurately identifies the specific equipment available, but you may not otherwise use the BOBCAT trademark or logo in connection with your business or advertising.

The Bobcat logo (the cat-head and word "Bobcat") is a registered trademark of Bobcat Company and its use is limited to Bobcat Company and authorized Bobcat dealers.

Please read the section about trademark information and the proper use of the word "Bobcat".

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