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Bobcat Sweeper Bristles

By choosing genuine long-lasting Bobcat bristles for your sweeper or angle broom attachment, you’ll experience more hours between bristle changes. They are great for sweeping asphalt, snow, gravel, mill grind, clay, mud and other road debris. Poly, wire, and combo filament bristles are available.

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Bobcat Breaker Bits

Forged tools that are tough and durable which offer faster penetration, focused energy, and longer tool life.

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Bobcat Auger Teeth and Components

Did you know different soil conditions require a different set of auger bits and teeth? Bobcat offers you a selection of versatile, long lasting auger bits and teeth that are job matched to Bobcat loaders, compact tractors and excavators. We have four styles that offer long lasting durability to meet the demands of your working conditions.

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Bobcat Cutting Edges

Reduce wear on your bucket edge with Bucket Bite tooth bars, rubber edges or any other of our edges that are easy to install and provide a longer bucket life. Check out Bobcat's selection of cutting edges to match the right edge to your application.

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Bobcat Remote Attachment Control Box

A Must for Bobcat Attachments and Hydraulic Hand Tools

With the Bobcat RAC you can safely operate hydraulic hand tools and attachments using your Bobcat loader hydraulic circuit. Using the Bobcat Remote Attachment Control Kit*, the operator can start the loader from the ground without entering and exiting the loader. This eliminates the need for a second operator in the loader, helping you save valuable time and money.

  • Use RAC with concrete mixer, concrete pump and chipper attachments.
  • RAC box controls engine start/stop, emergency shutdown, and hydraulic circuit pressure relief. This function is an important safety consideration when operating attachments and hand tools from outside the loader’s cab.
  • Uses the 7-pin connector to provide control for functions associated with hydraulic and loader engine operation
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  • Bobcat Remote Attachment Control

    Attachment Control

  • Radio Remote Control

    Remote Control

Connect to the loader's hydraulic couplers mounted on the lift arm. The design allows the unit to be removed without tools for security so the loader can go back to its primary duties.

*The Remote Attachment Control kit (RAC) is available for Bobcat loaders equipped with the Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS TM). Bobcat loaders built prior to the introduction of G-Series will not allow operation of the concrete pump/mixer or chipper attachments.

Protect Your Hydraulic System with Bobcat Dust Covers

Bobcat Dust Covers

Bobcat Dust Covers

Contaminants can wreak havoc on your hydraulics you need Bobcat Dust Covers to protect your hydraulic systems from contaminant infiltration. Bobcat Parts offers two sizes of dust covers: 1/2" and 3/8", in both male and female styles. The dust covers are made of oil-proof PVC to withstand sudden changes in temperatures without losing its original characteristics. Ask your local Bobcat Parts personnel for Bobcat Hydraulic Dust Covers.