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Strobe Lights and Beacons
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Strobe Lights and Beacons

Equip your Bobcat® machines with a strobe light or beacon to alert nearby drivers and pedestrians.

Amber Superbolt LED Permanent Mount Beacon

LED Permanent Mount Beacon - 6988910

Compact permanent mount 4X flash LED beacon with ABS base with mounting flange and polycarbonate lens

    - Rivals a class 3 strobe and lasts 50 times longer than a strobe tube
    - Automatically adjusts from 12-30 volt, 360 degree LED beacon, 30 diodes
    - Draws a maximum of .45 amps
    - Meets SAE class 3 requirements

Amber Innovator High-Profile LED Beacon

Amber Innovator High-Profile LED Beacon - 6988913

  • Our Innovator series of high-powered LED beacons is a popular model for utility, municipal and construction fleets
  • New innovative polycarbonate base features both flange mount and pipe mount options
  • No maintenance LED strobe beacon lasts up to 50 times longer than a strobe tube, never have to replace a flash tube again
  • Polycarbonate lens with our innovative flat-style-o-ring for a 100% true weather tight seal
  • Available in 4X flash and multiple flash pattern (MFP) models
  • More powerful than a class 2 strobe beacon
  • Multi-voltage automatically adjusts from 12-48 volt, drawing a maximum of .9 amps

LED Magnetic Mount Beacon

LED Magnetic Mount Beacon - 6988911

    - Magnetic mount, 4X flash compact LED beacon with coiled cord and car adapter plug
    - Powerful 30 diode, 360 degree LED beacon with ABS flange mount base and polycarbonate lens
    - Multi-voltage 12-30 volt, never replace a bulb or flash tube again
    - Rivals a class 3 strobe but lasts 50 times longer, with a maximum draw of .45 amps
    - Meets SAE class 3 requirements

Heavy Duty Beacon

Heavy Duty Full Sized Beacon - 6667168

Full sized, rotating beacon feature twin sealed 35,000 candle power lamps. Belt drive for quiet reliability and simplified maintenance. Excellent for indoor or outdoor signaling, safety systems or warning applications.

  • Two PAR36 35,000 candle power bulbs 75 to 90 fl ashes per minute
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum base
  • 4.7 amps at 12 VDC
  • 9 1/2" high, 8 1/2" diameter
  • Mounting - Permanent or Magnetic
  • Dome Color - Amber
MV2 Compact Heavy Duty Beacon

MV2 Compact Heavy Duty Beacon

The MV2 is a compact, economical, rotating reflector beacon. Direct drive for reliability and minimized maintenance. Excellent for indoor or outdoor industrial traffic control systems.

    - 25 watt incandescent bulb
    - 80 to 90 Flashes per minute
    - Anodized aluminum base, Dome Color - Amber
    - 0.21 amps at 115VAC
    - 7 1/2" high, 6" diameter, Weight, 3 lb
High Performance Strobe Light

High Performance Strobe Light - 6697795

Because of its larger size, higher candle power output and more flashes per minute, this high performance strobe light adds an improved measure of safety. Bobcat Engineering recommends this strobe light for all applications where lights are required or desirable. This high performance strobe light kit has these features:

  • 80 double flashes per minute
  • 1 million candle power output
  • 1.0 amp current draw; 12 volts
  • Polarity protected
  • 4-3/4" high, 6-3/4" diameter
  • Rugged cast aluminum base, resistant to heat and vibration
  • 8 joule energy output
Mini Strobe Light

Mini Strobe Light - 1831145

Features efficient performance, durability and superb versatility. The lens and casing is molded from tough polycarbonate resin. Lens colors come in amber or red. Designed for internal use.

    - Mounting: Two (2) Hole Flange Mount
    - Applications: Industrial Vehicles
    - Light Source: Replaceable Flash Tube

  • Flash Rate: 60 + 10 FPM
  • Current Draw: Max: @ 12V = 0.65 Amps/@ 80V = 0.15 Amps
  • Flash Energy: 2.5 Joules @ 12V