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Bobcat Has The Right Tool For The Job

Why Roller Suspension System?

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More options available from your Bobcat Dealer

Heavy Duty Radios

Mini Weatherproof Radio

Mini Weatherproof Radio

Just like Bobcat® equipment, the audio electronics offered by Bobcat Company are built to withstand the challenges faced in off-road and heavy-duty environments. Unlike other electronics, they're designed and rigorously tested to withstand harsh working conditions such as vibration, humidity, electrostatic discharge, and temperature fluctuations. Contact your local Bobcat Dealer to learn more about the heavy-duty radios, mounting systems, speakers, antennas and accessories available for your equipment. Click the button below for our most popular models features and compatible carriers.

Heavy Duty Radio Specifications and Compatible Carriers

Add Comfort with Bobcat's Ride Control

Want to make your machine ride smoother? The Ride Control option is made to better absorb shocks caused when carrying loads over uneven ground. The cushioned ride is accomplished by an accumulator in the loader lift circuit. With the lift arms slightly raised, the accumulator acts like a shock absorber on vehicles. The result is a cushioned ride that makes the ride smoother, and reduces instances of spillage from a bucket or pallet forks.

Ride Control Advantages:

  • Provides smoother ride
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Reduces spillage

More Than Just a Muffler, Bobcat Exhaust Purifiers

Bobcat Exhaust Purifiers

Bobcat Exhaust Purifer will reduce your loaders emissions

Bobcat catalytic exhaust purifiers integrate into the exhaust system of Bobcat equipment to reduce diesel soot, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from exhaust gases.

  • Heavy-duty design and superior workmanship for long life
  • Excellent fuel purification utilizing advanced catalyst technology
  • Reduced emissions allowing for equipment use on restrictive jobsites
  • Excellent fuel purification utilizing advanced catalyst technology
  • Low backpressure for minimal power loss

Bobcat Cab Enclosures

Ideal for those less than ideal conditions, the Bobcat Cab Enclosure has an easy and quick on and off design. All enclosures are created from heavy-duty materials for a long dependable life. They are available for Bobcat Loaders and Excavators. Bobcat Cab Enclosures offer:

  • Full 360 Visibility - Windows on all 4 sides.
  • Top View Window - This cardinal safety feature enables the operator to see above the loader.
  • Push-Out Rear Window - Hook & Loop fasteners on each side allow the window to be pushed open easily for quick access.
  • All Weather Safety Door - Door has full size heavy duty vinyl window plus flap at the bottom for cold weather protection. Door is "locked" in place by operator with shock cord and S-hook. The door can be installed and removed in seconds -- 2 steel hinge pins on the door simply drop into hinge brackets (provided) which mount on the loader frame.
  • Quick-On, Quick-Off Design - S-hooks and shock cords hold it firmly in place. Door slips on IN SECONDS.
  • Heavy-Duty Materials - Tough, flexible, heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon fabric. Windows are tough 40-mil clear vinyl.
  • Extra Strong Stitching- Non-raveling lockstitch. Specially treated heavy gauge nylon thread.

Bobcat Tarpaulin

Protecting Loaders from Bad Weather, Road Dirt, Nicks and Chips, the Bobcat Tarpaulin offers:

Bobcat Tarpaulin!

Tarpaulin features a Bobcat logo

  • Cleaner loader in route to the jobsite or when stored outdoors
  • Made of 13 oz., preshrunk boat cover duck canvas with reinforced stress points for long wear.
  • Over 30 tie-down areas allow tarp to fit snugly around Bobcat loader
  • Grommets and cord fasteners allow quick tie-down
  • An elastic cord sewn into tarp makes the cover fit to the shape of the loader
  • The contour fit reduces canvas flapping during transportation and prolongs tarp life
  • Designed to cover the entire loader, except the bucket

Additional dealer installed options:

  • Rotating Beacons
  • Intermittant Wiper
  • Strobe Lights
  • Heater Kit
  • Window Protectors
  • WeighLog Kit
  • Horn Kit
  • Equipment Shield
  • Bumper Kit
  • Remote Attachment Control
  • Keyless Start

Contact Your Bobcat Dealer for these options and more!