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2000 Series Electrical Accessories

Light Package

Light Packages

Standard Road Package Includes tail lights, brake lights, and horn.

Kit, Key-Controlled Headlights

  • Automatically shuts off headlights when vehicle is off
  • Prevent accidental battery drainage

Deluxe Road Package

Includes turn signals, tail lights, brake lights and horn.

Work Lights

Work Lights
  • High mount 35w lights mount to the leading edge of the cab roof for increased nighttime visibility
  • Connects to cab wiring harness or deluxe overhead console
  • For use with 4x4 Cab
  • Set of 2

Rear Flood Light

Rear Flood Light
  • Back up at night with improved visibility
  • Increase visibility in bed or to side of vehicle when working
  • 35 watt flood light with complete wiring harness

Horn Kit

Allow your to add a horn to your utility vehicle.

Diesel Block Heater

Diesel Block Heater

Improve cold starts and start up lubrication of our Kubota D722 diesel engine with this block heater

  • Installs into cylinder head coolant jacket
  • Fits Tier 1 and Tier 2 Kubota D722 diesel engines
  • Helps to improve lifespan of engine by reducing cold start oil starvation
  • 110/120v 50/60Hz design

Safety Strobe Light

Safety Strobe Light

(Roof mounted)

  • Increase visibility on job sites or other facilities with this all weather roof mounted Xenon strobe
  • For use with 4x4 Cab

Safety Strobe Light & Post Mount

Safety Strobe Light & Post Mount
  • Increase visibility on job sites or other facilities with this all weather post mounted Xenon strobe

Ecco Strobe light

Ecco Strobe light
  • Designed for canopy mount on our vehicles
  • Fits strobe indention on black plastic canopies