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Tire Chains

Work doesn't stop because the weather gets tough. Your local Bobcat dealer is here to help when it's time to install tire chains. Our tire chains have easy installation and removal so you can get the job done even in difficult conditions.

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Most commonly used chains. These chains have a heavy duty cross chain for longer wear under extreme conditions. 3400 series offered in both 2 link and 4 link spacing. 2 link spacing provides maximum traction and better steering control.


A good utility application chain. Offered in both 2 and 4 link spacing. Some sizes available with V-Bar cross chains which provides added traction and control in icy conditions.


Ideal for tractor tires with deep tread patterns. Design does not allow chain to drop into grooves in the tread pattern. Good performer in all conditions.


A general use chain that works well for many applications including hi-way use. Made with heavy duty cross chains for longer wear.


Good in snow and mud. A heavy duty chain that is built for extended use in many applications.


For dual and wide based applications. Good in snow and mud made with heavy duty cross chains.


For maximum traction performance. Great for icy conditions and off road use. V-Bar cross chains extend life of chains and enhance hill climbing along with better starting and stopping times. Use caution if used on pavement so damage to the surface doesn’t occur if tires start to spin.

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