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Clean Up with Bobcat Pressure Washers

Bobcat pressure washers are the essential solution to clean almost anything faster, better, and easier. From windows and decks to shop floors and equipment, Bobcat pressure washers are a dependable, portable, clean-up tool.

Cold Water Pressure Washer WP-3400

Which pressure washer is right for me?

Not sure which pressure washer will work best for your application? Just ask yourself two simple questions:
  • What am I cleaning?
  • Where is it located?
Hot-water pressure washers are effective for cleaning extremely dirty or greasy areas. They’re excellent for service shops and jobsites where heavy-duty cleaning is a must. Cold-water pressure washers are less expensive, simple to use and take up less space. These pressure washers are perfect for transporting from site to site and are great for just about any cleaning job.

Hot Pressure Washer - Gasoline Direct Drive

Hot Pressure Washer Direct Drive HSP-3504

With 3500 PSI and a 389cc Honda engine,weighing in at 428 lbs., this hot water pressure washer [HSP-3504-BCGH] is a powerful machine. This machine boasts high quality components: gasoline direct drive, polyethylene burner fuel tank, easy coil drain to help prevent freezing in cold weather, patented Electro Magnetic Firing (EMF) System, and an energy-efficient top-fired heat exchanger designed for convenient trouble-shooting and easy maintenance.

Hot Pressure Washer - Electric

Hot Pressure Washer Electric Belt Drive HSE-3004

Two electric hot water pressure washers are available with direct drive or belt drive. The direct drive model [HSE-1502-BC12] has 1500 PSI and 2.0 HP, and weighs 250 lbs. The belt drive model [HSE-3004-BC10] is 3000 PSI and 8.0 HP, and weighs 607 lbs. They have a totally enclosed fan-cooled electric motor with manual thermal overload protection.

Cold Water Pressure Washers - WP 3000 and WP 3400

Cold Water Pressure Washer - WP 3400

The Work Pro pressure washers are designed for maximum performance and realiabilty and are the pressure washer of choice for homeowners and contractors. Powered by Honda engines, the WP 3000 has 3000 PSI and 196cc with a 25 ft. wire-braided pressure hose, and the WP 3400 has 3400 PSI and 270cc, and a 50 ft. wire-braided pressure hose.

Bobcat Pressure Washer Degreaser

Bobcat Degreaser

On some jobs, water alone just isn’t going to get the job done. Bobcat heavy-duty degreaser helps your pressure washer clean tough oil, grease or smoke stains. Bobcat Degreaser is available in three sizes to meet your cleaning needs.

  • Effective on industrial, farm, construction and highway vehicles - almost any type of equipment that requires cleaning.
  • Great for engines, lawn & garden equipment, driveways and certain types of floors
  • Concentrated, so it's easy to store and use
  • Biodegradable formula is safe to use almost anywhere