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Bobcat Air Filters

Clean air is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly.
Air Filter Features

  • 25% more capacity
  • Rust-free composite construction
  • Extra protection with pre-cleaner and secondary filter
  • Pre-cleaner removes up to 95% of particles before reaching the system leaving only 5% of particles to be caught by the primary and secondary filters.
  • Pleated media maximizes filter surface area
  • Applicable for low to high dust environments
  • Optimized for the most rugged environments

Radial Seal

Radial Seal Features
  • Cellulose media is resin-treated and corrugated to maximum depth for a greatly increased filtering surface and precise channels for better airflow
  • Evenly spaced pleats and radial seal design for optimum contaminant-holding capacity
  • Closed end urethane design prevents the possibility of moisture-related rusting throughout the life of the filter
  • Has been tested in temperatures of -40 to 180 degrees without failure or leaking, as well as tested for thousands of hours in on and off highway applications with flawless performance
  • Allows hassle-free service to get vehicles back into operation quickly

Visit your local Bobcat Dealership for Genuine Bobcat Filters.