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Incomparable Filter Components

If your filter lasts forever, it means it's not filtering! Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment’s internal systems. Poor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment with Bobcat quality filters that are specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated protection.
Oil Filter Components

Filter components from left to right:

  • Canister: Thick, heavy-duty, coated shell prevents filter from collapsing under pressure or fatigue.
  • Spring: Presses the filter snugly into the end cap.
  • Media: Fibers in the media act as a mesh screen to block particles, while at the same time allowing the oil to pass through easily.
  • End Cap: Uses plastisol sealant to hold the media deeply embedded in the end caps
  • Anti-Drain Back Seal: Wide, one-piece seal prevents leaks and birty oil draining back into pan
  • Base Plate: Seams are fully tucked and attach the base plate to the canister for strength and durability
  • Inlet Hole:Greater number and large inlet holes broadens the oil flow into the filter
  • Base Gasket:Smooth and flexible to maintain a tight seal

Visit your local Bobcat Dealership for Genuine Bobcat Filters.