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Bobcat Breaker Tools: The right tool for each job!

Your Bobcat Dealer offers a selection of breaker tools so you will always have the right tool for each job. Bobcat breaker tools are heat forged creating a dense harden steel structure. Forged tools are tough and durable offering faster penetration, focused energy, and longer tool life. Also making the tools the same hardness throughout. Bobcat breaker tools have a life time warranty against defects and workmanship.

The shank ends have a grooved profile to retain grease in contact area. The demands of demolition tools in the tough construction and demolition field ask for extreme capabilities. Bobcat accessories are engineered and manufactured to fit Bobcat attachments for optimum job performance, dependability, and durability.

Hydraulic Breaker Tools for Bobcat Attachments

The right tool for each job!

  • A. In-Line Asphalt Cutter
  • B. Nail Point
  • C. Cross-Cut Asphalt Chisel
  • D. In-Line Chisel
  • E. Blunt Tool
  • F. Tamping Pad
  • G. Cross Cut Chisel
  • H. Moil (Conical) Point
  • I. Cross-Cut Wide Chisel
  • J. In-line Asphalt Chisel
These attachments may also be approved for certain new loader and excavator models. See your local Bobcat dealer for details.