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Keep Your Equipment Up and Running at YOUR Convenience

Bobcat products are known the world over for superior performance and reliability. To maintain that level of performance, regular planned maintenance is essential. Routine service at regular intervals is an integral part of keeping Bobcat products operating at peak efficiency.

Bobcat Company supports two different planned maintenance programs: BobCARE PM Planned Maintenance, and BobCheck Multi-Point Inspection.

Enjoy great benefits with a Bobcat planned maintenance program:

  • Avoid Risk - Prevent major repairs and complete failures
  • Accomplish More - Reducing downtime and increasing your productivity and profitability
  • More Economical - Catching problems before they become costly in both time and money
  • Increase Your Machine's Life and Value - Routine maintenance keeps your machine running longer and you'll be more familiar with an acurate value of your machine

BobCHECK is a FREE multi-point inspection for Bobcat equipment. Designed to detect potential problems in their early stages, BobCHECK is performed by the dealer when your Bobcat equipment is being serviced in the shop or at your jobsite.

The BobCHECK inspection:

  • ...costs you nothing;
  • ...takes just a few minutes;
  • extremely thorough;
  • you an accurate picture of the equipment's condition;
  • ...lets you know if specific service is needed!

Your Bobcat trained technician knows what to look for.

BobCHECK includes inspection of:

  • General Condition and Safety Equipment
  • Driveline
  • Engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrostatics
  • Electrical Systems
  • Lube All Fittings

Ask your dealer about BobCHECK. It is FREE - from the pros who keep you up and running!


BobCARE PM planned maintenance helps keep your Bobcat equipment up and running! That's because nobody can take care of Bobcat equipment better than our trained service technicians, using genuine Bobcat parts that fit and perform. This allows for pre-planning where you can schedule your BobCARE PM maintenance when there is no demand for the use of your equipment.

Customer Benefits

  • Bobcat owners are assured that the service will be performed correctly, systematically and on a timely basis. This reduces concern when you are not able to do it yourself.
  • BobCARE PM planned maintenance on both older and newer equipment ensures that proper maintenance gets done. It provides our customers a watchdog on wear, increasing the reliability your equipment.
  • BobCARE PM planned maintenance on newly purchased or leased equipment protects the residual value and improves up-time.