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The New T110
Personal Property Maintenance
Homeowner With Acreage

A day's work is never done

Toolcat 5600 with an auger

The Toolcat 5600 installing fence posts

Whether it's installing new fence for your horses, cutting down overgrown brush or clearing snow, you can do it all with Bobcat® compact equipment and attachments.

Perhaps the favorite among homeowners with property is the Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine with its front-mounted attachment ability, cargo bed and impressive towing capacity. This one-of-a-kind unit combines the features a pickup truck, loader and utility vehicle in one machine. Not only does it transport passengers and supplies at speeds up to 18 mph, but it is also available with an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning. There's nothing quite like the comfort of working outside in winter, clearing your long driveway in a heated cab. In the summer, set the cruise control and mow large areas quickly with a 72- or 90-inch mower attachment from the comfort of your air-conditioned cab. With four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, there's virtually no place on your property this machine won't go.

If you're looking for a smaller machine with some of the same features as the Toolcat 5600, the 3450 utility vehicle might be perfect for you. The 3450 with IntelliTrak™ four-wheel drive, features the exclusive RapidLink™ attachment system with five attachments (mower, snow blade, whisker push broom, bucket and pallet fork). You can use one machine instead of three for mowing, snow removal or transportation around your property. Leave the tractor, mower and pickup behind as you work or ride around your property in style in one of four utility vehicles.

For homeowners who prefer to operate compact loaders, there are many Bobcat models to choose from. You can access tight areas with a mini track loader or the smallest 463 skid-steer loader. Even with a bucket attachment, both are only 36-inches wide. For bigger jobs, select a more powerful skid-steer loader with the horsepower and auxiliary hydraulic flow to operate many different types of attachments. Compact track loaders area great option if your property has a lot of sand or dirt, or if you often operate in muddy areas where you need extra traction and flotation from a rubber track undercarriage.

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