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Summer 2008

Clearing Trees Builds Big Profits in Alabama

Forestry Cutter Package Provides New Opportunities for Family-Owned Business

Thirty double-tipped carbide teeth bite into a tree; the top half falls to the ground while the teeth continue digging into what’s left until there’s only a pile of mulch. You’ve just experienced what the Bobcat® forestry cutter attachment can accomplish in a few minutes when it’s matched with an approved Bobcat loader with the special applications kit.

This impressive equipment combination has enabled a family from Repton, Ala., to branch out into a new application in the forestry management industry. Don White, along with his sons, Wes and Jason, run a successful business called White Enterprises. The company previously owned two Bobcat S220 skidsteer loaders that were used for storm debris cleanup. A Beard Equipment salesman in Mobile, Ala., introduced the Whites to the forestry cutter package to expand their business opportunities. After demonstrating the package for a few weeks, the family purchased a T320 compact track loader, Bobcat forestry cutter attachment and forestry applications kit.

“The forestry cutter attachment is blazing fast and leaves an extremely clean finish.”

White Enterprises quickly put the equipment to use to clear buffer lanes for fire zones at Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge in Fort Madison, Ala. Not long after, the Whites found another opportunity to put the forestry package to use.

Forestry Cutter Attachment

Wes White selectively clears trees to make a path for timber inspections with his Bobcat T320 and forestry cutter attachment.

Hancock Forest Management hired White Enterprises to create lanes in timber tracts for timber quality inspections. The lanes were 15-to-20 feet wide and spanned the width of the timber tract. White Enterprises easily cleared each lane through the thick timber in 30 to 45 minutes. The crew, equipped with GPS equipment, used the T320 and forestry cutter attachment with its 60-inch cutting width to turn the timber into toothpicks.

“We used the forestry cutter attachment to clear trees four to six inches in diameter, as well as any other underbrush” says Wes White. “Before we had the forestry cutter package, we used brush cutters and grapples, but none of them were as effective as the Bobcat forestry cutter package. The forestry cutter attachment is blazing fast and leaves an extremely clean finish. I highly recommend this package.”

If you’re curious about expanding your existing business with Bobcat equipment, be sure to ask your sales specialist about attachments that can unleash new opportunities.

Forestry Applications Kit

A Bobcat forestry applications kit is required for use with the forestry cutter attachment to protect the operator and the machine. The package includes the following:

  • Three-quarter-inch laminated polycarbonate front door with an emergency exit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • ISO 3449 Level II Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS)
  • Quarter-inch polycarbonate top and rear windows
  • Debris guards to protect the muffler, radiator, lights and hydraulic components

In addition, Bobcat provides an operation and maintenance manual and DVD. The DVD gives instructions for correctly operating and maintaining the forestry cutter attachment. Visit your local Bobcat dealership to obtain a copy of the manual and DVD for more information.

You can read more about the forestry cutter package and 80 more attachments from Bobcat on the attachment page.