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Summer 2008

Landscaper Moves on After Hurricane Cleanup

Skid-Steer and Mini Track Loaders Expand Business Opportunities

Charles Reymond

Charles Reymond stays on schedule thanks to his Bobcat MT55 mini track loader.

When Charles Reymond began Hurricane Katrina cleanup work, he knew he needed a tough, durable loader.

“I always heard good things about Bobcat® equipment, especially its excellent reliability,” says the owner of All Seasons Lawn Inc., Pass Christian, Miss. “I looked at other products, but wanted to go with the market leader — a company long associated with reliability.”

His choice: a Bobcat S205 skid-steer loader with a 2,050-pound rated operating capacity, purchased from Beard Equipment Co., Biloxi, Miss. Its vertical lift path made it easy to load debris into dump trucks.

As his hurricane cleanup projects wound down, Reymond saw an opportunity to move beyond the lawn maintenance work he had been doing since high school. The loader allowed him to take on bigger jobs, including lawn and irrigation system installation.

“With the S205 I could do site preparation and easily move around sod and other material,” says Reymond, who holds a degree in horticulture. “Irrigation became a big part of the business. I had some employees that had previously done irrigation work and that helped. Getting started involved much trial and error. But I learned a lot from my mistakes.”

One of those “mistakes” was renting a dedicated rubber-tired trencher to install irrigation systems. “I depended on equipment that was often unreliable or not available,” says Reymond. “The result was lost productivity.”


Reymond solved the problems associated with renting equipment, along with the inefficiency of using wheelbarrows and hand labor in confined areas, by purchasing an MT55 mini track loader.

“That user-friendly machine makes all the difference in the world,” he says. “It does a lot more than I ever thought it could do. We use it all the time.”

“I looked at other products, but wanted to go with the market leader — a company long associated with reliability.”

The MT55, with trencher attachment, helps Reymond complete his irrigation installation projects quickly and without damaging sensitive areas. “The controls allow us to do very precise work,” he says. “We can work at a fast pace, get the job done with less labor, and move on to the next one.” Reymond has installed more than 100 systems in the past few years.

The MT55 comes in handy in soft ground conditions. “When we have to move materials, we just load the bucket or pallet fork attachment without worrying about any turf damage,” he says. “The tracks are a very valuable feature.”

Reymond says his business is based on doing topquality work and doing it right the first time. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of that. Without the Bobcat equipment it would be impossible to do this work.”

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