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Bobcatalog 2005

Co-op Keeps Telescopic Tool Carrier Busy

John Krukemyer

John Krukemyer

What makes a VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier (TTC) so valuable?

“We use it every day,” says John Krukemyer, Bowling Green, Ohio, store manager of Mid-Wood, Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative. “Because we have found so many things it can do, the VersaHandler TTC has turned out to be a very worthwhile investment for our company.”

All three divisions of the organization—retail, rental and agronomy—regularly use the V518.

It is especially busy in the spring. That’s when ag lime is loaded into spreaders at the company’s fertilizer plant. Then the fast-moving Versa-
Handler TTC goes to the retail area to load pallets of materials, such as
stone and pavers into customers’ trucks.

“At times we have to load five or six pallets onto a vehicle,” says Krukemyer. “With a forklift we had to keep shoving them in which could damage the truck. The V518 allows us to place a pallet instead of having to slide it.”

Next the telescopic moves to the bulk area where the 1-cu.-yd. bucket makes loading material such as mulch a breeze.

“We really give it a workout in the spring,” says Krukemyer. “Several features allow us to keep moving at a fast pace this time of year:”

  • Easy-to-operate controls so most employees can climb in the cab and go.
  • Very good visibility and quickness.
  • Good boom extension allows the unit to stay a distance away from vehicles.
  • Extremely precise.
  • Easy to switch attachments from the cab.
  • Can work in the worst weather conditions without getting stuck.

When deciding which type of telescopic to purchase, the staff at Mid-Wood, Inc., rated the VersaHandler unit superior to others.

“One of the factors was the Bobcat name and reputation,” says Krukemyer. “We already have Bobcat skid-steer loaders and a good working relationship with our dealer (Bobcat of Toledo). Plus we knew parts and service would be readily available.”

An Image of Efficiency

The VersaHandler® TTC owned by Mid-Wood, Inc., is paying for itself in many ways, says John Krukemyer, store manager:

  • Eliminates rental of similar equipment.
  • Allows the company to handle bulk mulch. “Without the V518 we probably would not be carrying bulk mulch,” says Krukemyer.
  • Enables the staff to efficiently load customer vehicles.
  • Presents a good image. “It would reflect poorly on our business if we used an old forklift that barely runs to load a customer’s truck,” says Krukemyer. “With a state-of-the-art machine people see we are right on top of things.”