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Summer 2004

Bobcat 2200 4x4 Utility Vehicle: A New Level of Performance


Bobcat 2200 4x4 Utility Vehicle

When work takes you beyond the end of the road, no utility vehicle offers a more advanced way to travel than the all-new Bobcat® 2200 4x4 utility vehicle. Nothing can match it in terms of performance, ease-of-operation, comfort and value.

With a choice of gasoline or diesel engine and a top speed of 25 mph, this rugged, two-seat unit offers features that owners of utility vehicles can only dream about—a simple drive system, automatic locking differentials, high torque and smooth turns on any surface. And it offers industry-leading leg room, double A-arm front suspension, swing arm rear suspension, a cargo capacity of 800 lb. and a 1,200-lb. vehicle load capacity.

No matter what your off-road travel and work needs—construction and mining sites, grounds maintenance, farms and ranches, hunting or fishing—this versatile vehicle can save you time and effort in transporting people, supplies, materials and equipment.

“The Bobcat 2200 takes utility vehicle performance to a new and higher level,” says Brad Claus, Bobcat utility products manager. “This robust vehicle is designed with operator comfort in mind. It’s a great addition to the Bobcat family of utility products, which includes the 4x2 2100, the fourpassenger 2100S and the Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine.”

Put the Bobcat 2200 through its paces and experience the following advantages:

Excellent Traction, Turning

Do all 4x4 systems provide the same amount of traction? No, the 2200 has Intellitrak,™ an exclusive traction system that delivers power to all four wheels as needed. It also prevents one, two or three wheels from spinning without the fourth. All four wheels must spin together in low traction conditions. “As a result, the 2200 has exceptional climbing ability and off-road performance” says Claus.


Bobcat 2200 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Intellitrak also makes turning easy. That’s because automatic locking differentials not only engage when needed, but also disengage when turning. This enables the 2200 to turn lightly on turf and pavement without causing damage to the surface, tires or drive components.

Simple Operation

Most 4x4 vehicles have selection levers to engage 4x4 and differential lock. The machine must be stopped to engage the lever, and the operator must remember to disengage this feature when driving on grass or pavement. The 2200’s Intellitrak drive system engages and disengages 4x4 and differential lock automatically. This allows the 2200 to keep moving when encountering mud or snow. It also saves time by allowing you to drive from off-road to pavement to grass without stopping or shifting.

“The bottom line,” says Claus, “is that the Intellitrak drive system provides the best traction, with easy turning, and time-saving controls to let you focus on your job.”

Lots of Comfort

You can’t buy a more comfortable vehicle. For example, the driver’s seat adjusts to 13 positions fore and aft. In addition to rack-and-pinion steering and responsive, low-effort handling, the steering column tilts to match your preferences. There’s no wheel well bubble to limit leg room. The double A-arm front suspension and swing-arm rear suspension helps smooth out bumpy terrain.


Bobcat 2200 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Big Hauling Capacity

The standard 800-lb capacity cargo box lets you transport a variety of construction materials, heavy supplies and items such as generators, welders and compressors. The optional high-capacity box adds another 300 lb. to your cargo payload. You can also dump loads with an optional electric box lift.

For added versatility, the standard 2-in. receiver hitch lets you hook up an implement or tow a trailer of freight, such as fence posts or gardening equipment.

Choice of Engines

You can equip your 2200 with a reliable Honda 20 hp GX620 V-twin air-cooled gasoline engine or a liquidcooled 20 hp Kubota D722 diesel engine, the same diesel model used in the Bobcat MT52 mini track loader and the 322 compact excavator.

Sturdy Frame

Adding to the 2200’s value is the aluminum chassis and cargo bed floor and the box tube aluminum frame. This strong, durable and lightweight frame is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. The gas version weighs 1,361 lb. and the diesel version weighs 1,433 lb. In addition, you can replace the standard all-terrain tires with mud tires for an even better match with your transportation needs.

Safety Features

Standard safety features include hydraulic disk brakes on all four wheels. They provide straight, sure stopping on loose or graded surfaces. Retractable lap belts hold you securely within the certified four-post Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS).

More Value

In addition to unmatched 4x4 performance and more standard equipment than all-terrain vehicles, the unique 2200 comes with a oneyear/1,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty and a two-year/2,000-hour drivetrain warranty.

“To fully appreciate the exceptional way the 2200 handles and operates, you have to drive it,” says Claus.

Why wait? Visit your participating Bobcat dealer today. See for yourself why the Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle is the smart transportation choice when you reach the end of the road.