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Spring 2005

323 Excavator Offers Bigger Performance in a Small Package


323 compact excavators

Featuring the highest bucket breakout force in its class and an retractable undercarriage, the new compact Bobcat® 323 excavator replaces the 322. It comes equipped with a number of improvements to do more work, in less time, with less effort whether your jobs are indoors or outdoors.

More productivity

The dipper is 4 in. longer, extending the digging depth to almost 7 ft., 6 in. and stretches the reach to 12 ft., 10 in. “In addition to digging deeper, the 323 reduces the need for repositioning when placing spoil or dumping into trucks,” says Tom Connor, Bobcat excavator specialist.

The machine’s best-inclass bucket breakout force of 3,751 lbf boosts productivity in tough digging conditions. It also offers an ample arm breakout force of 1,996 lbf to save time when digging in sandy soils.

More efficient machine operation

The 323’s hydraulic system features a more efficient piston pump instead of a gear pump. “This pump produces good digging forces with minimal engine lugging,” says Connor. The end result is better fuel economy, longer life of hydraulic system components, less machine noise and lower engine exhaust emissions.

Faster travel speed

Top speed in the highrange of the two-speed travel has been increased 30 percent to 2.4 mph. “That,” Connor notes, ”saves time when you’re moving around the jobsite.”

Retractable undercarriage

The 323 uses the same undercarriage and rubber tracks as the 322. It retracts to a width of just 39 in. to fit through doors, gates and other narrow passageways and expands to a 54-in.-wide stance for improved digging and loading performance Steel tracks are available for improved track wear when working in rocky terrain and in areas littered with concrete chunks, rebar and other debris.

Standard auxiliary hydraulics

Unlike many other brands, the Bobcat 323 comes standard with auxiliary hydraulics for operating attachments such as the auger, clamp and hydraulic breaker. Bucket choices include several different trenching models and a grading bucket.

A great cab

The spacious G-Series cab offers a number of operator-friendly touches. These include easy entry and exit, fully-adjustable suspension seat, a high/low travel speed selector switch on the blade control lever and softtouch joysticks for effortless control of the work group.

For more information about how the compact 323 excavator ’s big performance can pay off for you, visit your local Bobcat dealer today