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Bobcatalog 2004

S185 Loader Helps Landscaping Business Grow

Brad and Mike Potts

Brad and Mike Potts

Minish & Potts has been a wellknown florist in the Crestwood, Ky., area since 1922. Six years ago, when a new generation of family members purchased the company, more emphasis was placed on growing the landscaping portion of the business.

“Our landscaping work is up 60 to 70 percent,” says Brad Potts, who owns the firm with his brother Mike and cousins Bill Potts and Debbie King (their grandfather started the company). “We do landscape design and installation for homeowners and contractors. It’s become a very good complement to our floral, nursery, garden center and greenhouse business.”

It has also become a very streamlined operation, with equipment replacing hard-to-find labor. A Bobcat® S185 skid-steer loader is helping five people accomplish the work that was once done by a dozen employees.

“We use it every day,” says Brad. “It’s the perfect combination of size and power to work on the type of sites we landscape. We use the S185 and the soil conditioner attachment for all our grading—and get a lot of work done in a short time.”

When not on a landscape project, the versatile S185 is kept busy around the nursery and garden center moving trees and loading mulch and topsoil. Minish & Potts has both a wholesale and retail landscape supply business. A year ago, when the company was looking to purchase a new skid-steer loader, Brad and Mike demoed three different brands around the nursery for a week each.

“We gave them a real test,” says Brad. “Our conclusion was that the Bobcat machine was the best. It offered better visibility and was the easiest to operate. The enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning provided superior operator comfort. The S185 was an excellent choice.”