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Spring 2003

B100 Proves Its Value for Contractors and Homeowners

Mike Martin

Mike Martin

Bobcat products, the 45-year leader in skid-steer loader performance, quality and comfort, recently added loader backhoes to its line of compact
equipment. That’s just fine with Mike Martin, who owns Royston Rentals in Royston, Ga. He’s been renting Bobcat® skidsteer loaders and excavators to his contractor and homeowner customers for more than ten years. Martin, who has owned several different makes of compact loader backhoes in the past, recently purchased a Bobcat B100 unit.

“I bought it because of the Bobcat name,” he says. “Bobcat machines are the best compact equipment on the market. There are a lot of small loader backhoes available, but the Bobcat B100 offers more machine for the money. I get a higher return on my investment from it than the other compact loader backhoes I’ve had.”

The B100 combines work-saving power with space-saving size, Martin reports. That pays off for his contractor customers, who frequently use it for digging utility lines and footings, as well as homeowners who rent the machine for landscaping jobs.


B100 loader backhoe provides a good return on investment for Royston Rentals.

“It has a lot of power for its size and all the functions of a large tractor-loader-backhoe,” says Martin. “The B100 allows contractors to work in places too small for their large tractor-loader-backhoes and it fits into tight yards, especially around the many lake homes in this area.”

The B100’s comfort and ease of operation are also important to his customers, Martin notes. “It doesn’t take much time to teach them how to operate the machine. The hydrostatic system makes it easy to drive. You can change from operating the loader to using the backhoe just by flipping a lever and swinging the seat around. You have good visibility as you work.”

The B100’s safety features—such as the ROPS and seat belt— are also important to Martin and his customers. So is the emergency stop switch. “Hit that button and the engine and hydraulic operations shut off immediately,” he says.

Features like these confirm the value of the Bobcat loader backhoe to Martin’s business. And, there is another important benefit. “My B100,” he points out, “makes me money.”