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Fall 2003

New Attachments for Bobcat Equipment


New truck-loading chute for Bobcat snowblower attachment."

Basic Landplane

An economical alternative to the Bobcat® deluxe landplane attachment, the basic landplane uses the same frame design and is available in three sizes: 48-, 72- and 78-in. Use it to grade and level in forward and reverse. While driving forward you can also use the bucket-style cutting edge to peel sod. This attachment can be upgraded with an expanded metal grate for transporting material and a tooth assembly for scarifying hard ground.

Compatible loaders: MT50, 463, 553, 753, S150, S160, 763, 773, S175, S185, S220, 863, S250, 873, S300, T190, T200, T300, A220 and A300.

Truck Loading Chute for Snowblower

A new truck-loading chute, designed for both the 72- and 84-in. Bobcat SB240 snowblower, lets you save time and storage space by blowing snow from street level into the box of a truck. Recommended for use only with high-flow Bobcat loaders, the combined snowblower and chute height of 135 in. will fit the overall height of most truck boxes. The chute folds to 87 in. for ease in transporting and storing the snowblower. You can rotate the chute 190 degrees and hydraulically adjust the deflector using finger-tip controls on the loader steering levers.

New, Improved Trenchers

Two new Bobcat trenchers offer improved performance and convenience over the models they replaced:

• The LT 213 replaces the LT203. Digging depth is 3 ft.

• The LT313, which also digs 3 ft. deep, replaces the LT303 and can be equipped with a factory-installed 6-in. tooth chain.

The improvements include a narrower frame width to fit in a pickup truck
box, more chain clearance to shed mud easier and to accommodate more brands of chains, improved geometry for better trenching performance and a new seal design in the bearing carrier for greater reliability.


One of three new trencher models from Bobcat Company.

Compatible loaders: 753, S150, S160, 763, 773, S175, S175H, S185, S185H, S220, 863, 873, S250, S250H, S300, S300H, T190, T190H, T200, T200H, T300, T300H, A220, A220H and A300.

Compatible excavators: 331, 331E, 334, 337, 341.

Compatible Toolcat machine: 5600.

New and Bigger Mower

The newest Bobcat mower attachment allows you to cut a 7.5-ft.-wide swath in one pass. Use it on golf courses, parks, hobby farms, nurseries, acreage and any rough-cut jobs. Ground speed is up to 7 mph, depending on loader model. Featuring three overlapping blades for a clean cut and a direct hydraulic motor drive for reliable operation, the mower is designed for hydraulic flows of 15 to 22 gpm. The full-floating deck adjusts for cutting heights of 2 to 5.5 in. and is equipped with an anti-scalping wheel.

Compatible loaders: 753, S150, S160, 773, S175, S185, S220, S250, 873, S300, A220 and A300, T190, T200 and T300

Compatible Toolcat machine: 5600.

Sprayer for Toolcat 5600

sprayer attachment

New sprayer attachment for the Toolcat 5600 is available in two models.

A new sprayer, available in two models, makes spraying with the Toolcat 5600 fast and easy. A 75-gal. tank mounts in the cargo box and a 21-ft. boom fits on the back. The unit includes a 50-ft. hand wand, electric cab controls and optional nozzle kit. The dust suppression kit is equipped with a low-capacity pump. The chemical application model includes a 25-gal. clean water rinse tank, a high capacity pump, eye wash and hose reel.

New Attachments for 442 Excavator

Two new attachments enable the Bobcat 442 excavator to save even more time and work:

Powerful Hydraulic Breaker. The new B1400 hydraulic breaker uses a unique piston shape to produce a trapezoidal shockwave that delivers 775 ft.-lb. of impact energy. Designed for demolition contractors, it’s built for long life, high reliability and low maintenance. Other benefits include low recoil, minimal hydraulic pressure spike to the excavator and a wide selection of tools.

Handy Hydraulic Clamp. Use this new attachment with the Bobcat 442 trenching bucket to hold odd-shaped objects such as broken concrete or tree stumps. New 442 excavators include a standard mount for the attachment. Older 442 models require welding a mount to the dipper.